Lightning fast DTH recharges: 3 simple ways

We list the 3 easy ways in which you can recharge your DTH connection – and all you need is a smartphone.

In today’s world, where one hardly has the luxury of taking their own time over their personal or professional tasks, everyone is on the lookout for ways to complete daily tasks faster. There is no time to dawdle over everyday things, not with your in-tray overflowing and so many personal and professional tasks to tick off the list.

So it is natural that you would wish to explore every avenue that helps you save time and effort in completing your ever-expanding To-Do list. At the top of this list are bill payments and recharges for DTH and prepaid phone connections. You don’t have the time to drop into the utility centres or mobile phone stores to pay the bills using cash. Besides, why would you dispense with cash when you can transact easily online?

Tapping people’s need for quick online D2H recharge, there are several sites and apps that facilitate the process and also offer incentives for doing so. You can get cashback as well as discounts on your next recharge when you use these apps. You might have to click on an ad, or register on it to avail of the incentive.

If you have an Airtel DTH connection, then online D2H recharge is child’s play. The recharge takes place in just a few minutes, and you can continue using the DTH without interrupted services. We list the ways you can recharge your Airtel DTH online.

3 simple, time-saving ways to do the Airtel D2H recharge

As easy as the installation and purchase process for Airtel DTH, is the pack recharging process. Check out the 3 simple ways to do it:

1 Via myAirtel app. If you have the myAirtel app installed on your phone, then every kind of bill payment and prepaid and online D2H recharge becomes a breeze. The myAirtel app is a one-stop solution to all postpaid and broadband bill payments, online recharges, utilities bill payments, money transfers and receipts, etc. The best part is, you can also pay bills and do the online D2H recharge of non-Airtel accounts using the myAirtel app – and you can get fabulous offers and discounts regularly for recharging using the app. The recharge takes place at once, and you can use three modes of payment – net banking, debit/credit card or Airtel Payments Bank. Another advantage of using the app is that you can change your current DTH plan before you make the recharge – the new plan is operationalised as per your billing cycle.

2 Via the Airtel website.Just as easy as using the myAirtel app is doing the online D2H recharge using the Airtel website. Access the website on your phone and input the registered Airtel DTH number as prompted. Now pay the recharge amount using your preferred payment mode. Do note that the Airtel website accepts payments on Airtel DTH recharge only, and not on non-Airtel recharges.

3 Through Airtel Payments Bank. There are several third party payment options that offer you the Airtel DTH TV recharge. You can log on to these sites and create an account for your DTH connection. Then you can simply do the D2H online recharge from here. But we recommend not taking this route – after all, they are third party sites that do not guarantee secure transactions, or that the recharge will be effected at once. Make sure that the D2H online recharge gets through without a hitch, by paying through the Airtel Payments Bank. This is a savings account and e-wallet by Airtel, that securely stores your money and offers seamless payments for online D2H recharge, prepaid phone recharge, bill payment, money transfer, etc.

Post Author: James Marshall'