Memory Card Not Formatted Error – Causes and Fixing

 All the user of digital cameras has encountered the ‘Memory card not formatted’ error many times when they connect the camera to a computer to transfer the images. It’s one of the commonest errors faced by the digital camera users. The threat of the loss of all your precious memories stored in your memory card is heart wrenching.

Causes of the ‘Memory Card not formatted’ error

The Memory card not formatted error can be caused by any of the following reasons:

  • The error may be caused by a third party app running on the device.
  • Sudden shut down of the camera.
  • Removal of the memory card while the camera is in use, without using the proper method.
  • When the transfer of data between the camera and computer is interrupted.
  • The continuous use of memory card without formatting as well as frequently formatting the memory card.
  • A problem in camera or any other device.
  • Camera or the device doesn’t support the memory card.
  • Physical damage to the card etc. 

How to fix the error?

The error could be fixed manually by any of the following ways

  • By rebooting the device

This will be effective if a third party application causes the problem. In the case of a cell phone, if the problem is not resolved then you can start the phone in safe mode.

  • The card may be write-protected

It’s not possible to format a card when its write-protected. For formatting the card, the write protection needs to be removed.

The data recovery software

Data recovery software like Wondershare is instrumental to recover files from memory card or any other digital storage devices like computer hard disk. Wondershare facilitates the easy recovery of your photos or any other content in case of an error or if the card is accidentally formatted. It’s easy to use and the best data recovery tool available in the market.

The best way of preventing the error message is taking care of things like the battery of the camera is fully charged, especially when you are transferring the data. You should also avoid its use, when its battery is low. If the card is corrupted avoid using the corrupted card.


Post Author: Katherine Warren'