Mobile Commerce Is Changing: Don’t Get Left Behind

According to a Nielsen report done last year, consumers today are spending more time than ever on their smartphones (37 hours a month), but there seems to be an upper limit on how many apps they use during that time. Consumers only spend their time in roughly 26 to 27 apps, which means that the competition for consumers’ attention is fierce on the mobile device battlefield. It’s clear that the retail landscape is moving ever closer to mobile devices and that in order to stay competitive, retailers need to enhance the shopping experience through mobile space.

Whether your company needs a mobile app developed from scratch or you need to take an existing program and port it into a growing operating system, you need to work with a company that writes all of its code in-house and believes in agile development. They will keep you in the loop and in control of development, even as unexpected challenges arise during the process (rolling wave planning, practiced by agile development companies like Clearbridge Mobile, which was responsible for introducing the Tim Hortons mobile payment app). Clean code written natively for an operating system is easier to update and maintain later on, meaning that in the long run it’s a better idea to redevelop the code with the OS in mind, as long as it can be done efficiently and quickly.


As a retailer, there are a few elements you need to focus on when you develop an application that’s actually going to see daily active users and encourage consumers to engage with your brand more often.

Make Worlds Collide– The race to compete online is no longer about digital sales eclipsing the brick and mortar experience, which has proven far more resilient when it’s about a “shopping experience.” Retail apps need to help make worlds collide by enhancing the physical shopping experience, such as using IoT like beaconing to interact with consumers actually in the store.

Convenience – Mobile wallets are expected to grow by over 200% in the coming year, and it’s one area where you can improve the security and convenience of the shopping experience. Working with Toronto-based developers Clearbridge Mobile, one Brazilian chain of gas stations actually introduced truly touchless payments; customers didn’t have to take their phones out of their pockets, or even step out of their car to pay for gas.

Provide an Experience – When you work with one of the top app development companies in Toronto, they understand that engaging your customers is about providing an experience, otherwise you’re going to have a difficult time competing with thousands of other apps for attention. You can introduce one of those 27 apps used monthly by introducing entertainment elements that encourage users to explore more of your content. You also need to make sure that your navigation is streamlined and simple, that your application loads quickly, and that the design never gives users a reason to abandon their cart. The competition for users’ attention is fierce, and you need to work with innovators if you want to excel.

Post Author: James Marshall'