Mobile Shredders Come to You

Mobility isn’t probably something you thought you wanted in a paper shredding service, but it’s a feature that you absolutely need. The alternative — delivering your documents to a shredding service somewhere in Burlington — opens you up to risks. In the transportation, you may accidentally drop or misplace a document that contains your personal information. If the wrong person in the city finds it, they can use this data to open fraudulent accounts in your name. Even if every file makes it safely to the location, you have to trust the company in question to destroy them completely, as you don’t have the opportunity to watch them work.

When the state of your finances is on the line, these two scenarios aren’t acceptable. You can’t let an accident of fate or the cynicism of underperforming employees threaten you identity. That’s why it’s so important to contact a company that operates mobile shredders. The mobile shredders Burlington homeowners trust will make sure every piece of data is destroyed — and you’ll see it happen with your very own eyes.

Paper shredding companies that use mobile shredders, such as the shredding experts at Absolute Destruction, can guarantee the security of your information from beginning to end. That’s because they don’t ask you to deliver your documents to them; they come to you. Coming whenever and as often as you need them, mobile shredding services will arrive at your door ready to destroy your paper files. Using NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) approved mobile shredders and protocols, their fully bonded representatives will put your documents through their shredders on your property, as you watch. For a more detailed explanation of what would entail, check out

The mobile shredders Burlington homeowners trust will produce a guarantee of destruction before they leave the premises. This certification will confirm their trucks have completely eradicated the personal information recorded on your documents before it’s delivered to a secure recycling facility. This process is highly regulated, making sure no one but the bonded employees have access to your intact papers. The only time it ever leaves your home is when it’s already too shredded to be legible.

Join in the ranks of pleased Burlingtonians and look up which mobile shredders Burlington homeowners have selected as they’re number one choice. Chances are they’ll have picked a paper shredding services like the NAID-certified team at Absolute Destruction. The mobility they offer is exactly what you need to in order to secure your identity.

Post Author: James Marshall'