Plusnet Launches SIM Only Deals


Plusnet are well know for offering broadband to U.K. households and is soon to offer 4G SIM only deals to its line of other products. They are soon to be a quad player now, offering broadband, phone, tv and now mobile services.

Life Mobile now Rebranded

Life Mobile operated as a MVNO on the EE network and was part of Phones4u before it went into administration and BT bought it and run it as a separate company. Plusnet is a company owned by BT and any existing customers of Life Mobile will now be transferred over to Plusnet for billing and customer services.Image result for Plusnet Launches SIM Only Deals

No Frills SIM Only deals

The Sheffield based company Plusnet plans to offer four SIM only plans on a 30 day contract and potential customers are asked to pre register by the 29th of November for discounted rates on the SIM only plans. Three Mobile for instance with their 3 SIM only plans offer over 44 different plans. The cheapest SIM only plan is expected to include 500 MB of data for £5 and we expect more discounts for existing Plusnet customers which use their services already. As a promotional offer advertised they are discounting their £15 plan to just £10 which would include 4GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts, which appears to be a really good deal.

Currently Plusnet will not be offering their own phones or contract mobiles but sticking to basic SIM only plans, they will also be informing their current customers of potential saving on their new venture.

Getting More People Connected

Andy Baker, CEO said: “With the launch of Plusnet Mobile, we’ll be helping more people stay connected on-the-go with our fantastic data-packed deals and highly competitive rates.”

Many customers would welcome more competition in the mobile area, and as Plusnet will offer 4G from the offset is a great bonus as some networks like Virgin SIM only are only now offering 4G to their customers. Virgin Mobile tariffs were previously running on the slower 3G network.

SIM Only Benefits

SIM only deals are both convenient and flexible as getting out of contract is far easier the shortest contract term is a rolling monthly contract. With Plusnet Mobile you would be able to get cheap iPhone SIM only deals. For greater saving the 12 months contract offers extra minutes, data and texts and also costs less. SIM only also has other features like porting your number and easily change plans for a more affective mobile plan.
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