Professional Bio: When You Need More than a Resume

Job hunting or not, you can get endorsed in a better way with a professional bio than a resume. Professional bios are like short summaries where you have to portray yourself in the best possible way. Well, you can use bios on networking sites, your personal or company website, put it at the end of your articles, use it as an author bio in your book, use it as a publicity element if you are a public figure or use them when you are trying for some corporate boards.

Hence, it is important to know and master the art of writing a perfect bio everytime you present yourself to the world.

Here are 9 awesome tips through which you can get the bio you want:-

Introduce Yourself Promptly

Provide your introduction to your audience in the first few lines of your professional bio. Must inclusions in your professional bio:- your name, job profile, nicknames and everything that introduces you professionally.

Build a character in your bio

Build a character in your bio and share your story with your audience. Explain your difficult moments and the way you tackled them, enlist the people you admire or have helped you in your life. In nutshell, look like a real person who has experienced both wins and loses.

Use figures to show your achievements

Numbers give away the story in a more effective manner. So, show numbers in your professional bio to show how successful you are.

Talk about your hobbies

Write about your hobbies and interests so that your audience can know you in a better way. Sharing your interests help you connect better with people and tell them that you have a life besides work. Also include any community service you have done.


Include a Headshot

While talking about connecting with people, a headshot can help you to connect even better with them.

Talk About Your Relationships

This information should be placed at the end of your professional bio. Share your family life and include personal details like

“Maggie while not writing about identity management, spends her time with her two-year old kiddo, her loving husband and her furry friend Nancy”

Write in a Friendly Tone

Write while imagining that you are having a face to face conversation with your teammate. Your tone should be light yet professional. Do not use any jargon or slang words to confuse your readers. Moreover, show your personality through your bio by splashing some humor, occasional metaphor and colorful words.

Use Power Words and Write in Active Voice

Prefer to use active voice in our professional bio. Moreover, use power words and strong verbs to enchant the reader. Try to write both short and long sentences to maintain interest of the reader.

Write Short Paragraphs

Write short paragraphs and keep it to the point. Do not exceed your paragraph with more than 6 sentences and keep it focused on one subject.

Follow these 9 tips and your professional bio will advertise yourself in a better way

Post Author: James Marshall'