When the internet just got started, you can’t get a website done for you until you have knowledge in website engineering, programming and many others. You need a lot of technical skills and expertise to get a website off and running for your business. But the advent of template web design systems, it is now easy to put a website for a business.

Wix, WordPress, Webley and many others have very easy template and toolbox for people to simply design their website all by themselves. So these days, many people can simple get their website up and running by taking the DIY approach. While you can use a DIY to design a website, there are pros and cons of it. The following entails the pros and cons of a DIY Website.


  • Easy

Obviously, it is very easy to do a DIY website. There are a lot of templates over there. All that you have to do is to tweak this template and put your business information on the website. In some cases, you can simply use few widgets to shape the website. You are also given a simple guide to help you to perfectly design your website.

  • Low Cost

As compared to a professional designers like Sandcastle Web Design who would often charge you web design fees to get your website online, you would actually save your web design fees. You get a domain or use a free domain to create your own template website. You can even host the website on the parent hosting platform, so you cut down your costs down.


  • Mediocre Design

One of the cons of a DIY website is designing a mediocre website. You want your website to stand out from the crowd, project your business and help you to outwit the competition. Most DIY website designers don’t have the training and expertise to design a professional looking website, so they end up doing some mediocre work. Sandcastle Web Design designs professional website for businesses. Check out some of their superior website design work at

  • Bad Impression

Probably the most important part of a website is its landing page. When the landing page is poor, it gives a bad impression of the business. So instead of getting professional website designers like Sandcastle Web Design to get the job done, small business owners simple use DIY approach to do a mediocre work which creates a bad impression of the business.

  • Fails to Deliver

DIY website often fails to deliver better results for their business. They lack SEO, good interface and many others which make the website to leverage the internet to grow the business. Because the website ugly with very ugly designs, it repels people and finally fails to deliver results for the business.

Post Author: Heather Moors'