Recommended top ten cat automatic feeder popularity list [2018 latest version]

Recommended top ten cats with automatic feeders popular list

Let’s take a look at some of the popular and popular automatic feeders on the market!

  1. Luxury pet automatic dual-use feeder

Price: $20

Non-electrical money saving is easy to start, good cleaning and cleaning

The common automatic feeding device for electric cats is convenient, but after all, the price is not high. If you usually have a fixed time at home, you only need to use this kind of cheap machine that does not need electricity if you only need to travel outside or return late. Plus, because the entire body is detachable, cleaning is also quite convenient.

Not only can the feed be automatically fed, but also the water bottle socket attached to the right side, and the ordinary bottle can be turned into an automatic drinker. However, although it can control the width of the feed supply through the knob, avoiding a single large supply situation, but after all, it is still the operation mode of Yangchun’s “nothing to make up”. If the child in the family is more greedy and intemperate, It is still recommended to purchase higher-end electronic models.

  1. Japan LUSMO pet automatic timing feeder

Price: $200

Lovely shape, set carefully

The bright colors make the interior decoration colorful, and the cute shape makes many people love it. The most special thing is that its setting method is very detailed, the weight part can be adjusted in units of 5 grams, precisely controlling the amount of each meal of the baby. In addition, the time setting part is also calculated in “minutes”, unlike most simple models, which can only be set in hours.

But unfortunately, it can only set three meals a day, which is much less than other similar types of machines, and lacks the power supply mode other than the battery, and can not record, and has fewer functions than most products of the same price. Although it has the advantage of being cute, it still feels not cost-effective.

  1. PETS pet automatic feeder

Price: $100

No dead ends, strong and not bad

The basic cat for recording can be used as an automatic feeder. The panel is easy to operate. Although the capacity of 3L is not too large, it can still meet the needs of general short-term outings. You can set up to six meals a day, and you can regularly count them. It is best for eating too many hairy children who are easy to vomit at one time. The feeding method of a small number of meals is the most healthy.

The one-piece body design, the top cover has no dead ends, can successfully avoid the naughty cat to destroy or steal, and the feed placed in it can be kept fresh. On the other hand, however, it is not possible to disassemble and clean each component separately, and it can only be cleaned with a paper towel or a damp cloth, and it is inevitable that there will be health concerns for a long time.

  1. PETWANT Five-course automatic pet feeder PF-105

Price: $100

Both wet and dry feed can be placed, and the diet is rich and balanced.

There are a total of five feed trays, which can be automatically opened according to the set time. The daily menu is designed for the cats. When not at home, there is no worry that only the dry food will be unevenly eaten. In addition to having the recording function as most of the same-priced models, it can be re-released three times at a time, and it is more in place when calling a child.

In addition to the intimate design of the dual power supply of the battery and the power supply, the design of the fully disassembled feed tray is even more pleasant, and there is no dead angle for the good demolition and peace of mind. However, since it does not have the relationship of additional feed storage tanks, it is OK to go out to work, but it may not be suitable if you want to go out for more than 24 hours. Basically, the feed has to be replenished every day, and some owners may be in trouble.

  1. American Petmate Automatic Timing Feeder (Large)

Price: $120

Large capacity, eliminating the need to replenish frequently

American veterinarians specify the recommended size, which can accommodate up to 4.5 kg of dry feed for large capacity, even if you go out for a long time or live a life without any supplements. The small-volume feed bowl designed for cats, combined with the careful weight setting function, can easily ensure that cats regularly ration meals, one to three meals a day, can meet the basic cat needs. In addition, the feed tray is also removable for cleaning and is always hygienic.

The battery-type power supply method does not have to worry about the temporary power-off problem, and the power indicator light is attached to the top of the fuselage, so that the power consumption status can be confirmed at any time and replenished in time. Overall, it is ideal for innocent feed supplements. However, it does not have a recording function. It is feared that a child who can’t hear the caller’s call will be unsuitable.

  1. Home pet automatic feeder

Price: $90

Simple and easy to use affordable options

The appearance is simple, black and white are both generous and versatile, can be recorded and automatically dialed 3 times, the timing quantitative function can also meet the basic needs of 1 to 3 meals, plus 5.5L capacity is quite large, no need to replenish frequently Traveling is also very reassuring. In addition, the feed storage tank and the feed tray are also detachable and washable, and the upper cover design that can be opened by rotation can also successfully avoid the damage of the hairy child.

Overall, it is fully functional, easy to operate, and both hygienic and convenient, but it is much more affordable than other models with similar functions. Such a high CP value is really the best choice for low budget.

  1. FReLINE Intuitive Pet Feeder FE-220

Price: $120

Intuitive operation, simple and free

With a large capacity of 4.5 kg, it is very safe to stay at home for a long time. The safety cover that can be opened by two fingers can not only seal and keep fresh, but also prevent hairy children from getting rid of eggs. The recording time is longer than most models, and there are two options for power supply. Security and stability are sufficient.

The most surprising thing is that it is easier to understand than the operation design of the general buttons and panels. The clock disc is combined with the simple digital display mode. After inputting the time and weight, you only need to move the switch to complete the setting. It has good convenience and high degree of freedom. The number of meals and the amount of serving can be adjusted in detail. It is easy to change and confirm at any time.

  1. PETS Pet Automatic Feeder Deluxe Edition

Price: $100

Easy to disassemble and clean, more thorough cleaning

The large-capacity portion, plus a design that can be set up to six meals, is ideal for feeding a small number of meals. And it differs from most models in that the Chinese interface is more intimate than the English operation, so it is easy to read.

The top cover is a push-type design that can be opened with two fingers. The baby can’t be easily opened. It also has a recording function and an indicator light, which ensures the timing of battery replacement. The overall safety is quite high. Another satisfactory feature is that it can be completely disassembled except for the fuselage connected to the panel. It is easy to clean and can be said to be one of the best in the same class.

  1. PV Platinum Pet Automatic Feeder

Price: $100

Anti-blocking design, durable and secure

The rotary feed supply method is applicable to all basic sizes. An automatic reversing movement that prevents obstruction is added inside, and the number of automatic reversing seconds can be set to successfully avoid feed jamming and jamming. In addition, it not only has two power supply methods, but also can confirm the battery life from the LCD panel at any time, which is more guarantee than the simple power indicator light, and it is very safe to use.

The rotary top cover design is not easy to be damaged by the hairy child, and the feed storage tank and the feed tray can also be easily disassembled and cleaned, and the performance is excellent on the sanitary surface and the safety surface.

  1. WOPET Smart Pet Feeder V36

WOPET V36 Automatic Feeder

Price: $150

Support APP remote control and video, pet interaction zero distance

The capacity is moderate, and there is an infrared detection device that can check the status of the feed at any time. At the same time, both the feed storage tank and the feed tray can be disassembled and cleaned, which is convenient and sanitary. In addition, the two power supply methods of battery and socket power supply are also a very intimate and secure design.

In addition to the basic cat automatic feeder function, it also supports APP remote remote control, even if you go out, as long as you have Wifi in your home, you can set the feeding amount and time at any time. You can also care about the cat’s home situation through the front lens, and even use the voice to talk to it, and take photos, photography and other interactions, even if you are not at home for a long time, or temporarily return to the future is also very assured. On the whole, not only has the convenience and security at the same time, but also the distance between the cat and the cat through technology, it is the best choice for cat lovers!

To sum up

After reading the selection notes, and referring to many popular items, have you found the style you like? There are many kinds of automatic feeders for cats in the market. The eye-catching fashion appearance and attractive convenience styles are all available. For the health of the cats at home, durability and hygiene are important links that must be paid attention to.

If you want to start the automatic feeding device for cats, don’t forget to refer to the tips introduced today, and compare the pros and cons of various models. I believe that you will find suitable and favorite quality products soon!

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