Recover Data from Corrupt BKF Files in One Shot

BKF files are backup files that are created to ensure the availability of the original files. If the original files are damaged, then the BKF file is the most excellent solution with which you can restore the data from the original file. You can make backup with NT-Backup included in Microsoft Windows OS. This utility is to recover BKF files. Symantec Backup Exec utility is also another to make backup files. NT-Backup.exe is only compatible with the Windows platform, and a Symantec Backup Exec platform is compatible with Windows, Linux, etc.

BKF file is of great importance as it is the only way to recover data after the loss of the original data. Thus, it becomes very important to protect the BKF file. BKF file may be corrupted or corrupted from these files are not immune to corruption. But you can repair corrupt BKF file and recover data even if the BKF file became inaccessible using BKF Recovery software. It takes almost a few minutes to scan and recover data from corrupted BKF files. You may receive this error while accessing corrupt BKF file: “The BKF file has unknown data and can not be used.” If the backup file is available in different media then it will help a lot to restore it, but sometimes it is the cause of corruption. If you could not found BKF corruption reason, then you can opt for hard drive data recovery in Los Angeles.

Using BKF Recovery software, you can deal with a difficult situation. BKF Recovery Tool instantly repairs highly corrupted BKF file. It also retrieves corrupt BKF file data, which contains the backup of the SQL Server database. Over repairing BKF files at the same time is the most striking aspect of Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro. You must use the licensed version of this software in order to save the recovered data. Steps to run this software are:

  1. Install Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro on computer and click Open
  1. Select file type to retrieve. A window will open. Click “Add File” to add BKF files.
  1. Select the BKF files you want to restore and click the Open button
  1. Organize files in any order, select a shooting mode, and click the OK button
  1. The scanning process will start, after completion, and then click OK in the dialog box
  1. In left pane, you will have the list of recovered BKF files. Expand tree structure
  1. Click the retrieved file to view data
  1. Select the data in tree to save and click Save button
  1. A small window will open, click Browse to select your location to save recovered files
  1. Once you have selected location, click the OK button
  1. Again, click the OK button to begin the process of saving the recovered data
  1. Wait until the burning process is complete. You receive a message after completion, and then click the OK button.

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