Role of Employee Monitoring Software in Employee Productivity Enhancement

Productivity is vital for the success of an enterprise. In an increasingly remote world, where many employees are working outside the office premises, far from the surveilling eyes of the management, ensuring productivity is challenging. A productivity software could help enhance the productivity of remote workers by making their worktime easier.

Employee Monitoring Software in Business

Employee monitoring software or productivity software is misunderstood as a company’s attempt to micro-manage and monitor every move of employees. The reality is that no employer has the time or interest to keep track of whatever the employee is doing. For a productivity-oriented employer, productivity software is a tool to improve employee productivity through insights into the computer behavior of the employees. Productivity software is a win-win situation for employees and employers. The employees get to make the most of their office time, and employers get to enhance the enterprise’s overall productivity.

Monitoring employees, even remotely, is essential because many employees prefer to work remotely at least three days a week than spend an entire working week at the office. More than being the right thing to do, it is in the best interest of employers to keep their employees happy.

Productivity software helps remote employees become productive in the following manner:

Better Management of Staff Workloads

Remote employees face a different set of challenges while working from home. Therefore, enterprises must communicate their idea about “normal” output with the remote employees. The employee monitoring software will quantify standard output, which can be modeled for remote workers.

New data can be created based on task-based benchmarks by employee monitoring software. This data can be aggregated across employees to understand remote employee productivity better and set realistic standards. This software also notifies employers about employees spending too much time working and tells them to take some time off.  

Equalizing Workforce

Every employee is not equal. They may have different responsibilities from their differing personal backgrounds. Making everyone work equally will undermine the overall productivity of the enterprise. Instead, the goals and incentives have to be set differently for each remote employee. A good productivity monitoring software helps provide realistic and fair goals to all employees. The time tracking feature that most productivity monitoring software comes with provides insights into the time management of employees and increases the enterprise’s overall productivity.

Rewards for business-friendly actions

Productivity is seen to correlate with incentives and rewards directly. A dismissive statement like “contact sales” when employees have to be rewarded for their sales negatively impacts their future productivity. An employee monitoring software ensures that employers are informed about employees’ business-friendly attitudes and achievements like productive hours, positive client feedback, and other metrics, which are to be recognized.

Post Author: Clare Louise'