Rotary Motion and Its Application in Modern Manufacturing Processes

Rotary motion systems are an essential part of almost every industry because of their effectiveness and versatility. As such, they should be of the highest quality. This is why IntelLiDrives offers various systems and components that can fit any need.

We became the leading manufacturer of rotary systems designed for different purposes, and our customers can choose their standard versions or request custom-made designs.

Before choosing the preferred components and systems, however, it’s best to dive a bit deeper into the rotary motion, learn about its essential technologies, and where such systems can be applied.

Essential Rotary Motion Technologies

For rotary motion systems to be as effective and beneficial as possible, they need to use the right kind of technology. The most essential technology is as follows:

  • Planetary gearheads
  • Cam Indexers
  • Belt drive
  • Direct drive

For any motion control application, planetary gearheads are a must. Planetary gearheads consist of one or more planet cogs that circle around the main cog. This allows for the whole system to be more accurate and offer consistent motion response. This technology is extremely beneficial because of a high torque and volume.

Cam indexers are a commonly found technology in many rotary motion systems. They’re ideal in fields where high-precision is essential. A fixed index cam indexer is useful for accurate positioning, however, it has lower acceleration. A fully programmable cam indexer, on the other hand, has a servo motor and allows for a more flexible motion pattern and higher speeds.

Belt drives are an affordable option for most rotary motion systems. These belts are highly durable and are equipped with teeth that prevent slipping and ensure a more efficient transfer of torque. Excellent where high-speed is needed, as they can go up to 1000 rpm.

Direct drives come with a servo motor and are a more expensive option. Systems with direct drives are often larger, however they do come with the advantage of having the motor and the load be directly connected. They’re easier to maintain and repair because they come with fewer components.

IntelLiDrive Components

Rotary systems usually consist of various components, and each of them has to be of the highest quality for you to receive the most out of them. Each component must function perfectly for the whole system to be operational. Some of IntelLiDrives most essential components include:

  • Rotary Actuators
  • Rotary Tables
  • XY Tables

Rotary actuators will be either hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric. They’re used for various purposes, be it steering, lifting, turning, indexing, clamping, or anything in between. They can perform both fractional turns, or a limited number of 360 degrees turns and, coming with plenty of mounting options, motor choices, and aperture sizes, they can prove to be useful almost anywhere.

Rotary tables have found their place in many different industries, including industrial robotics, vision systems, electronic manufacturing, fiberoptic and photonics, as well as many others. Driven by engines or motors, they’re used for moving all the parts of rotary motion systems.

XY tables provide horizontal motion and can move rotary machines with stationary bases through the X and Y axis, hence their name. They’ll often be found in industrial automation, manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, and others.

IntelLiDrives offers plenty of other components, and you can use our parametric search to find what you need.

Applications of Rotary Motion Systems

As mentioned, rotary motion systems have found their applications across many different industries. Most notably in:

  • Welding
  • Packaging Industry
  • Automation

Rotary positioner tables have found their ideal use in welding. They usually come in a smaller size and can be perfect for space optimization in crowded workshops. They often have the movement range between 0 and 150 degrees, and they allow for simultaneous work on 2 different surfaces. Rotary positioner tables can easily be adjusted to allow for the user’s comfort and efficiency.

Rotary motion systems have found their use in the packaging industry as well. They’re flexible, reliable, and their servo motors enhance the speed of the packaging process, improving performance and providing a greater output.

Increased automation of many different industries asks for better solutions and faster production. Rotary motion systems can find various roles in different fields that require automation, making them one of the most versatile inventions. From enhancing hardware production to food manufacturing, to assembly systems, they can find uses anywhere.

Rotary motion systems have succeeded in enhancing the speed of production, optimizing the workflow, and increasing the output of many different industries. IntelLiDrives offers many solutions that can fit any needs, so contact us to find the right rotary motion system for you.

Post Author: Heather Moors'