Royal Mail’s Best Tariff and Tools

If you’re an owner of the 5.4 million small and medium enterprises in the UK it is highly likely that you are costing your business money by not utilising Royal Mail’s most effective pricing tariff, Mailmark, and you’re not using smart technology products or tools.

Smart technology franking is a pre-requisite of all new Royal Mail franking machines and Mailmark eligibility so accredited business supplies firms will only sell or lease compliant products.

Think smart

Stamps are not the avenue in which Royal Mail sees its future. As people move away from stamps it is less cost effective for them to produce them and they are actively promoting franking. Mailmark solutions are dedicated to smart technology franking machines which features VAT reclaim benefits and has efficient business tools that will save the user time.

They have spent £70 million to date on developing their services in line with client feedback and technological advances.

Mailmark solutions

Mailmark solutions offer greater visibility and reporting tools which the older models of franking machines can’t. Standard franking machines use a crown and die image. This cannot be scanned as the mail negotiates the postal network.

With smart technology Royal Mail franking machines the image is a two dimension barcode which is readable. Customers can access a dashboard which will tell them where an item of mail is in the system which is an exceptional customer service tool for clients, they’re always be one step ahead. The dashboard will highlight issues that may slow down the process including incorrect and incomplete addresses.

Franked mail is handled in business mail services and the transit of Mailmark eligible post is more efficient whilst costing less than any other tariff.


Another key benefit is the free advertising potential, smart franking machines permit unique call to action messages, slogans and logos. Not one penny is spent from the marketing budget for people to learn about the firm.

The envelope or package will look professional and tidy, first impressions count for a lot.

Why alter your post processes?

If you are still using stamps as a means of getting post from A to B, would you feel as keen to set aside your car for a penny farthing bicycle?

If you are using a standard Royal Mail franking machine, are you happy to miss out on price savings and service benefits?

Please adopt todays postage tools which are being primed for the future.

You don’t have to be a multi-national to achieve significant Royal Mail services cost savings with Mailmark solutions. An SME that sends 5-10 letters per day should see a positive effect.

Special delivery, signature on delivery and parcels are managed on the business premises so if you’ve been relying on stamps, form filling and queuing at the post office please give yourself the freedom of franking machine online account management and services so that you can get on with your core business interests.

Call a reputable firm like IMS Franking to learn more about Mailmark solutions.

Post Author: James Marshall'