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In today’s impersonal world there is hardly anything called privacy. People have their personal details such as phone number, email id and even address open to the world. In such cases it is quite natural people from different places may contact even when they are not welcome or more problematic, they are completely unknown people. In such cases it is very urgent to know who the concerned person is and look for his details. They can be anyone in the world, either misbehaving with us or using our information to misbehave with others.

The general problems faced

Today our android phone is everything. Unlike earlier times when it was used only for calling and receiving calls and texting, now with a single touch our phone takes us to every corner of the world. However the irony is it takes us to the whole world too. Even in places we do not want to be. This raises certain social problems which need to be prevented.

  • Receiving spam mails-  

No sooner someone switches on the internet of their phone or laptop they are attacked with a wave of notifications from mailbox and browsers. Most of these mails are reject worthy but as much you try to stop them they keep coming. We never know from where did they get our information but they find such easy access to us. In such cases it is very necessary to detect thesource of the mail. By lodging a complaint in the source hub or informing the cyber crime cell about the origin, it might help.

  • Receiving calls fro unknown numbers –

It is unknown to may people that the non profitable apps we download in our phone is not always serving us for free. With the help of the information we put in those apps they build up their capital. They sell those information and we suffer for that. Receiving unwanted emails is definitely one of them but the more repulsive is the phone calls from different organizations.

There is another way by which they receive our information, that is the various job sites we apply in. random people start call from different numbers and we are left wondering about which profile we applied is calling us. These are the certain scenarios where we crave from some technological help. It is not very difficult to get one but often the process is lengthy.

The possible remedies

Internet provides us a number of problems but it gives us a number of solutions too. There problems can be easily handled in two ways

  • Reporting to the cyber crime cells available.
  • Take the help of “People Search”. is web facility having number of websites under it like “white pages” ”pipl” and”intelius”. In these portals you can provide the name or the email address that has been accused of harassing and get detail information about the source and also the other realms it is connected to. 

In this way you can get an effective help for learning about the people behind unknown numbers calling or spam mail senders.

Post Author: Clare Louise'