See About Free Screen Sharing and Virtual Classroom

Free screen sharing is one of the most technology improvements that allowsmany ways for 2 people to connect. There are many of these easy software programs most having a free version as well as version that can be rented or bought.


AnyDesk is maybe one of the easier remote desktop access tools for anyone in the world. It can support all the platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, iOS and Android. It is the closest thing you will get to plug and play ease.

Free version

The free version of AnyDesk offers all the goodies that any average user would want. You will be able to access remotely the other person’s computer as well as seeing their screen. The namespace or address is usually perplexing gibberish though. Here’s a tip: Hover the cursor of your mouse over your address to see an alternative nine-digit AnyDesk address number.

Only two

Connecting 2 devices with AnyDesk free is easy. It has video and audiotransmission, so you are able to talk as you help. The free version lets yourhandover files between any two devices, making it really easy to access anywhere, anything.

Increase number

The free account supports only a 1:1 connection that means only two devices at a time. The AnyDesk premium paid plans allows you to rise this amount.


LiteManager is the most dominant of these free remote access programs. But, it is not an interface that is simple or easy to use. But once you get to control 30 PCs at any time that is a good enough conciliation.

Features within LiteManager

LiteManager has two various programs to install one on the server side and the viewer side. The viewer is able toaccess up to 30 PCs in the version that is free and more with the version that is for paid. This makes LiteManager perfect for IT managers of teams that are small.

Virtual classroom software

Applications of eLecta Live Virtual Classroom Software at a Glance

Online teaching and tutoring

Whether providing by peers or instructors, online tutoring using eLecta Live gives students the chance to work 1 to 1 to get answers to questionsor to get help with homework as well as other assignments. Training sessions that are live can be scheduled or students are able to just drop into anexisting virtual classroomto connect with a tutor.

It offers Live Instruction, Online Meetings, as well as Web Collaboration in Classroom. Get your Virtual Classroom Software trial from the leader.




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