Signs it’s Time to Purchase a new Mobile Phone

Sometimes, the time to get a new phone is when a new one comes out that you want, such as the most recent iPhone or Samsung. 

If you’re not one of these people and have to be told when to let go of a dying phone, maybe it’s time you look at our signs for when to let go of an old phone and go out and buy a new one. 

1. Touch Screen

If you can barely send a message or play a game because your touch screen is slow or isn’t responding at all then perhaps it’s time to look for a new phone. This can get very old very quickly. 

2. Or rather, a cracked screen

If the touch screen ignoring you wasn’t enough to drive you mad, then a cracked screen can really get on your nerves. Some people are able to navigate a cracked phone by being able to see the picture through some portions, and being able to interact with the phone somehow. Getting a new phone will make everything so much easier and nicer to look at. 

3. Bad Battery Life

Sometimes you have a long day ahead of you, either with studying, meetings or just a fun outing. There are going to be times where you don’t have time to charge your phone and you have to rely on a durable battery. With an old phone, however, you might not be able to rely on it. It could pass out whilst in the middle of watching a video or could be dead by the time you get home. Just do yourself a favour and get a new phone that you can depend on. 

4. Random Deaths

With an older phone, you might notice that it randomly turns off even when the battery is doing just fine. So, then you turn it back on as patiently as possible and it takes a long time to get working again. Sometimes it won’t even acknowledge you and turn on a few hours later for no reason at all. Getting a new phone will mean you won’t have to revive it once a day. 

5. Struggling Camera

After you’ve had a phone for a certain amount of time, the camera starts to become less efficient and photos start to look of very bad quality as if taken by a phone several generations older. You’ll be able to get the photos you want with a new phone with high resolution photos with a clear finish. 

6. Storage Space

You want to take a new photo but suddenly your camera tells you the phone has run out of space. You have to delete some precious pictures and a few apps in order to save more stuff. A new phone will offer you a new start and probably a bigger storage for you to put all your memories and games on.

7. Headphones

You want to listen to some music on your way to work and so you plug in your headphones into your phone for some old-school Adele. Only problem is, you have to twist the headphones in order to get any sound of them. If this happens to you then it’s probably time to get a new phone so you can appreciate your favourite tracks without have to fight with your headphones.

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Post Author: James Marshall'