Simple ways to make your mobile last longer

There are very few people who don’t own a mobile phone. In the space of less than twenty years, the mobile has gone from being a rare status symbol, something carried by the elite and the wealthy, to a ubiquitous item that is found almost anywhere in the world. The mobile phone is now so common that it is an item that is simply taken for granted. Added to this the fact that the technology that underpins the devices is so robust that phones are able to withstand quite a lot, it means that mobile devices can have torrid times and that often their life-spans are cut short to cavalier usage from careless owners. So, if you have a phone and you want to see it last longer than the average two-year life span, here are a few tips to help you see it go the distance.

Cover up

The easiest way to get your phone to last is to look after it. This might seem like an obvious thing to say, but sadly for many it is not. A mobile phone is designed to be taken with you wherever you go. It is not like a calculator that sits on a desk, it is an item that is shoved in pockets, balanced on knees, dropped and lost. So instead of hoping that all is okay, cover it up. A simple online search for a phrase like, ‘buy Samsung galaxy cases online’ should provide you with the type of results that you are looking for. For every model of phone there is a corresponding case – it is big business. And the cases are cheap. The cost of repairing a phone is not. So, shell out when you get a new phone and protect your primary communication device. You won’t regret it.

Battery etiquette

Look after your battery. One of the most frequent complaints of mobile phone users is that their phones have poor battery life. This is down to a couple of things. Firstly, the more apps and programmes that you have running, the more battery power they will consume. Secondly, and more importantly though is the fact that people tend to not charge their batteries correctly. The rules here are simply. Firstly, don’t overcharge it. In other words, once it is fully charged, unplug it, don’t keep juicing once it has reached 100 percent. And secondly, always try to let the battery run down before charging up again. Don’t plug it into a charger every time it reaches 50 percent, rather run it down to zero and then charge again. The response will be much better.

Be careful where you go

Because people like to take their phones with them wherever they go, their phones tend to end up un weird places. Perhaps we need to be a little more circumspect about this. You don’t need your phone in the bath for instance. Many is the klutz who has dropped his phone into the bath, but many is the hero who hasn’t. Regardless, steam gets in everywhere and can cause all sorts of harm to the inner workings. So be careful where you take your phone. Avoid moisture and dust as a first port of call. Your phone will be a lot better off for it.


Post Author: Clare Louise'