Smart Calendar Thync – What Is It And Why To Use It?


Tired of missing out on important meetings and forgetting anniversaries and birthdays? Well, it’s time to bid a farewell to the paper calendars then. What’s needed is a next-gen time wand that can manage your entire life digitally. And one such product is indeed, the Smart Calendar Thync. This digital calendar is the one bridge that can cover the time juggle you face constantly to manage your private life and your professional life.

But Why Thync?

Now, still believable that a Digital Calendar is far more advanced than a paper calendar, but what’s the need of buying Thync when there’s a way to set reminders on smartphones? If wondering so, the answer is, Thync is a 6 in 1 digital calendar. It can work as:

  1. A digital calendar
  2. A digital photo frame
  3. A digital weather station
  4. A cinema program
  5. Daily newsfeed
  6. Soccer results

Needless to say, anyone mobile device would not support all these functions with one single app. But, with Thync, all of this and more is available at your disposal without having to juggle from one app to the other.

Features Of The Smart Calendar Thync

Thync is a visually stunning Family Planner and it comes in 2 beautiful colors – black and white. The best features that define its worth are given below.

  • It comes with high-quality sensors and buttons that you can use to navigate between pages
  • It is a remote-less gadget that can be accessed and navigated by simply downloading its app on smartphones – Android and iOS
  • It runs on a battery and is, thus, a hassle-free wireless gadget. The battery, once fully charged, runs on an average for 5 days
  • It has a 10.1-inch TFT display screen with a high resolution of 1024×600
  • It comes with 2 mounting options – can be wall mounted and can be mounted on a stand

Further Benefits Of Smart Calendar Thync

  1. Wake up to your beautiful memories from vacations with the digital photo frame mode that can hold fast on to any picture of your or use them as background of your calendar
  2. Find out more about the latest movie releases and keep yourself informed about what’s going on in the world by the likes of the New York Times and CNN
  3. Plan your events according to detailed info on the weather conditions for the coming few days


On a closing note, if interested in managing your life in a better way, associate with Smart Calendar Thync that’s soon to be available on Kickstarter from 7th April 2019. Subscribe to the newsletter for daily info and save up to 30%.


Post Author: Clare Louise'