Some Helpful PPC Hacks for Beginners

While you are getting into the world of online business, PPC (pay per click advertising) is very important. It is one of those essential ingredients that makes your digital marketing campaigns successful.

It is noted that many small businesses underestimate the potential of PPC, and eventually miss out on a big opportunity of growing their online business in a lucrative manner. No matter if it is through Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook Ads, or any other promotional method; PPC is a great way to reach out your targeted customers and promote your products and services.

Here, Email marketing UAE has shared a few beginner-friendly PPC hacks that you must know.

Hack # 1 − Find Out Your Quality Score

When you improve on your quality score and keep it higher than the other competitors, it allows you to pay less for acquiring clicks and leads. Because it lowers your cost, odds are good for the increase in conversion.

It is advisable to know your current quality score before improving it. You can it so by:

  • Logging into AdWords account
  • Clicking Campaigns tab at the top
  • Selecting the keywords tab
  • And then, clicking the white speech bubble that is next to any keyword. In this way, you’ll be able to see quality score for each keyword.

Hack # 2 – Keep Your Competitors Close

If rankings of your competitors’ ads are high, scoping them out is a key to success. In this regard, you can use SpyFu to check the competitors and their performing keywords for organic listing and paid ads both. While using SpyFu, you need to do is:

  • Type your competitor’s URL.
  • Click “paid keywords” to see the widely used keywords that are empowering the most clicks for your rivals.
  • Type your competitor’s URL in the search box, and click the search icon.
  • You can bid on the similar keywords that they have targeted.

Hack # 3 – Get to Know the Rules

There isn’t any certain rule that you need to have more than one ad group and more than 15 keywords in each. Successful companies go for a very targeted them of ads by having one ad group with only five to six keywords in it. When you are a newbie, don’t get confused by a slew of ad groups and keywords.

  • Set a time range and keep tabs on conversions. If a tab isn’t driving conversion, switch it off.
  • Keep on checking tabs to know where the clicks and conversion coming from.
  • If you have selected some states as your target market, but you see only a few according to reports. You must change the location for states that drive conversions.

Hack # 4 – Optimize Your Landing Page

  • You must take time to implement conversion tracking on you optimized landing page properly. If you don’t do so, it may only drive traffic but no conversion at all.
  • Use Google Analytics to set up your conversion goals before spending cash for driving traffic to your landing page.

Hack # 5 – Get More Bang for Your Buck with these Additional Tips

  • Keep a theme for the keywords that you want to be ranked on AdWords, and keep it constant.
  • Find the top dog for these keywords on the pages of search engine results.
  • Analyze, and make better ad copy as compared to them.

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