Stating the difference between MPEG and MP4


MP4 and MPEG file formats are two of the file formats that are used for audio and video related purposes. Both are developed by the same group, still, they are different from each other. Here are the points that can help you in understanding the difference between the MPEG file format and the MP4 file format, but before that, let us have a quick overview of the two of the file formats separately.


MP4 is one of the oldest file formats that are used for compressing, providing subtitles and streaming of the videos and audios file. Here, we are drawing a comparison between the MPEG and MP4 file formats, so you will be glad to know that MP4 is one of the standards of Moving Pictures Expert Groups, which is MPEG. The main purpose of this standard is that it could be used for the streaming of the files on the internet.


MPEG stands for Motion Pictures Expert Groups that uses a lot of different standards for its functioning, of which MP4 is a part. Out of all the standards that are there in the MPEG, it uses MPEG1 and MPEG2 for the main functions. The videos that are distributed on the Internet and DVD are mainly formed with the help of MPEG format. If we compare both the formats together, then it is not good as MP4 format. The lack of a few of the characteristics makes it a poor application for editing videos. However, the properties of streaming the video on internet and distribution of them for DVD make it worth for the users that use it for most of their purposes.

Now, let us look at the features of both these file formats in detail so that we will be able to make out the actual difference between them.

  • The biggest difference between these two file formats is that MP4 is used for storing subtitles, data, and the audio and video files. However, MPEG is used for the distribution of videos for DVD and VCD. After this point, the one major difference that we could figure out is that the MP4 is the newer as well as the most efficient file format, while MPEG is an older format and not that efficient like MP4.


  • When we are comparing the two file formats, we could not forget the files that could be opened with the help of these formats. MP4 can support Apple quick time player, Microsoft Windows media player, VideoLAN VLC media player, ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre. Talking about MPEG, it could support Windows media player, Apple quick time player, iOrgsoft DVD Maker, Eltima Elmedia player. So, there is a clear picture of the applications supported by both the file formats. If you are using any of the applications, you can use a free MPEG player.

This was all the differences between the MP4 and MPEG formats. One could decide on this basis that which one they want to choose.


Post Author: James Marshall'