Testing survival skills with strategy games

As much as strategy games are notorious for being addictive, they are not at all as bad. Strategy games have been proven to sharpen the mind by various researches conducted over the years. In addition to this, they can test the survival skills and determination of the gamer. After all, all strategy games require the gamer to think on his feet and make decisions in split- seconds. They put you in very tough situations and require you to brave it out and survive as long as possible. There are some very popular strategy games that can test your survival skills. Alternatively, you can test your game strategy at Much Games. Here is a list.


Crashlands can test your survival skills like no other. Beware before you start as the game is bound to keep you hooked for long hours. It is an adventure strategy game with a very catchy storyline as its central premise. You are stranded on a strange planet and must use your quick- thing and the determination to survive to play through the game. There is an infinite inventory in the game so you can keep exploring and keep playing.Image result for Testing survival skills with strategy games

War of Mine

This War of Mine can be considered to be one of the most unique games developed in the recent times. We say so because, though it is a war game you are not fighting the war. Instead you are a normal citizen who is struggling to get through the war in his city. The game is set during the day and night. It requires tough decisions to be made in order to survive the ordeal of the war.

Deus Ex Go- puzzle

Deus Ex Go- puzzle challenge is the third in the line of the GO series of games. The game has everything and is a like a dream for any avid gamer. Not only it involves role playing and stealth but also other things like hacking, cyberpunk etc. the graphics of this game are super stylish and those who are aware of the GO series of games, they will very well be aware of how difficult is to survive through these games.

FTL or Faster than Light

FTL or Faster than Light lets you be the commander of a spaceship which is trying to save the galaxy. Every situation in this game has multiple solutions and therein lays the challenge. Because depending on the decision you take, your fate in the game will be decided. This game will surely keep you on your toes as the battle tension during the game is of epic proportions.

Out There

For those who love space games Out There is also a fantastic space survival game. You play the role of an astronaut who has to be tough and make his way back home. You have to multitask and ensure that you do not run out of oxygen while performing various tasks.

Strategy games can really increase your concentration and make you tougher as you have to survive through some very difficult game scenarios. No wonder, these games have been gaining popularity and the graph only seems to go up.

Post Author: Alice Walter