The Application of Volume Measurement System

If you are not fond of numbers, then you surely don’t give much importance to it. You don’t even care if it is important or not. However, if you are someone working in the industry where accurate measurement is a must, then you know the significance of having the right measurement tools and equipment. One of the must-have tools in the logistics and packaging industry is the 3D measuring machineThis measuring machine makes sure that logistical work is optimized so that cost can be reduced significantly.

There are various volume measurement machines to choose from and each of them comes with distinct features. Some of them can do the following works:

  • They are economical solutions for both low and high volume shipping needs.
  • There are volume measurement systems that can be used on retail workstations and table tops. They can also be used in the office setting and shipping environment.
  • There is a specific volume measurement system for warehouse and manufacturing setting.
  • A specific type of volume measurement system is designed with 3D imaging technology which is essential in industries like shipping and receiving departments, warehouses, and loading bays.

Dimensional weight and how it can optimize shipping

Large carrier companies determine the price of shipping based on the dimensional weight and/or actual weight. Basically, whichever is greater? The dimensional weight or commonly known as dim weight is the package density, which pertains to the amount of space occupied by the package in relation to its weight. Why is it important? If lightweight items are packed in a large package, the carrier’s maximum volumetric capacity will be reached without reaching its weight capacity. This leads to over costing and loss of money at the same time.

To maximize the efficiency and carrier capacity, an excellent volume measurement system should be used. This is to make sure that not a single space will be wasted. A volume measurement system avoids the possibility of miscalculating dimensions thereby saving money on the shipping cost. Good thing there are now various measuring systems to choose from and some of them come with 3D measuring capability. 

Post Author: James Marshall'