The Best Desktop Email For Mac In 2016

Managing an email account for Mac in desktop has become now easier, but users think of getting something even more convenient and comfortable. Here is a list of such applications that can be used an alternative to the actual Mail app of Mac in desktop.


iMail is a neat and simple email app for Mac. This is the one of the best mail applications that is used by Mac users on desktop. It supports a number of providers such as Yahoomail, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, iCloud and many others. The best thing about this application is that it offers three different viewing options. These are the personal view of the mails, conversational view and lastly the attachment view. You can select your own type of view as per the requirement that you have.Image result for The Best Desktop Email For Mac In 2016


This is another great application that has been selected as best by many of the Mac desktop users. The app comes along with a sleek interface that is responsive and quick and offers amazing designs. It has the feature of organizing the received mails as per different tags and can easily integrate even with various third parties such as Dropbox and many others.


This amazing application is ranked as the top most email applications due to its great organizational way of keeping the mails. The mails are organized in terms of the topics and this makes it easier for the user to handle all the mails whenever needed.  The application supports a number of options such as Yahoomail, Gmail, Hotmail and many others.

Cloud Magic

This is another best application of the year 2016 because it is highly user friendly and also comes for absolutely free. The application does not have any such fancy buttons and is very much to the point. It is great for the beginners because the various shortcuts on the application help a lot in navigating to various places.

Mail Pilot

This application can be ranked again as the best one because it has a helpful dashboard with almost everything on it. You have the mails, the snooze option, dates, reminders and many others to make your working an easier one.


This is a very new option in case of Desktop Email Clients for Mac. The application has a simple and user friendly interface and also comes with a number of unique features such as color splash and also email tracking option. It supports both iCloud as well as Gmail at the moment.

Post Author: Heather Moors'