The Best Remote Access Software for 2017

Over the course of the last half decade, the digital revolution has moved past fast-evolving hardware and into integration, offering consumers and businesses more options than ever for seamlessly accessing their entertainment, banking records, personal files, research, and other information needs. A big part of that revolution has been through the development of remote access software. Looking forward to the next year, making the most of your technology will mean having the best remote access software on the market. Let’s take a look at what that means.


There are a number of features you need to be able to count on for your remote management solutions to be effective, whether you are looking into business applications or personal ones.

  • Ease of access: The point of remote access software is the access. If your service provider has a complex and hard to negotiate series of firewalls, that can be a problem.
  • Security: While you don’t want to be shut out of access to your own system due to a glitch, you also need to be able to count on being in control of who accesses your devices and when.
  • Universality: Having the ability to support access for Linux, MacOS, and Windows systems from any major tablet build is essential to be sure that your software will work no matter which devices you add.

In addition to those major features, cost effectiveness is also a major consideration. Especially if you are weighing upthe best remote access software of the year—in that case, cost can make a major difference.

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What is This Year’s Best Software Package?

If you are looking for remote access that works fluidly from any device and that offers you flexible spending according to your actual use, then there’s really only one choice for 2017, and that is eHorus. In an industry where remote access solutions are often built to work with specific systems and software profiles in a limited way, eHorus offers truly universal access from any device that has an internet browser, and it does so while also maintaining the security you expect.

How It Works

When you install the eHorus software, you gain access to your devices through their web management system, allowing you to log in from any device you need to use and securely manage the desktop computers you have at another location. The system has been developed to work with:

  • Windows 10, both 32- and 64-bit versions
  • Linux (CentOS6 & 7, Debian, or Ubuntu recommended)
  • MacOS 10.8 and higher

With this kind of flexibility, it is easy to see how eHorus made the top of the list of the best remote access software packages for 2017. When you also consider the way their payment structure allows you to save when you don’t need to use remote management as heavily, it’s also easy to see how this product can lead to savings—especially since most service contracts are based on paying for the most service you think you’ll need in a month, not the average amount. With eHorus, you aren’t asked for either. You’re simply asked to pay for the amount of service you actually use, making saving easy and adding another benefit to its already attractive profile.

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