The importance of PAT testing in theworkplace.

Why PAT Testing is Important.

The workplace is the last place you want accidents to happen. Portable appliance tests are therefore important because it will help ensure workers safety. PAT testing should be done on appliances that are near or in a workplace or home area. As an employer, the security and well-being of your employees are very important. PAT testing will help you reduce the risk of anyone getting injured by his appliances.

PAT testing, especially on electric appliances, needs to be a very important part of any business. A lot of equipment have been and manufactured and still are this is a big problem. The equipment may not be well tested before being released to the market. Therefore, you need to get them checked before handling them over to the workers. You should perform a visual test on the appliances before use.

Electrical appliances have caused a lot of accidents and portable ones have been reported to cause 25% of the accidents.

Where PAT testing must be done.

A PAT should be done if employees use any electrical appliances or for rental. In public places such as school, hotel and hospitals the testing should be done to ensure the safety of the public.

Not only do you need the tests for safety purposes but also there are regulations to be met. Such regulations include electricity at work regulations and provision of work tools.

Who should do the PAT?

Find a well-qualified company that has a good reputation for doing any PAT testing you might need. You should make sure you hire someone who knows what they are doing. an unqualified person might do more damage to your appliances even without knowing. However, if there is an experienced worker in your workforce they can do the tests for you.

Why is PAT testing is important in the workplace?

The equipment used in a workplace are normally shared by several workers. This constant exchange of hands and the fact that they must keep working for long hours can make them wear out. It may start out as a small problem but after a while, it may cause serious damage or a fatal accident.

No employer wants a reputation of injuries happening at their companies. Annual PAT is important to keep everything in check and good condition. No one wants to work in a place that they can easily get hurt. Also, your employees will not work well with spoilt equipment. Not only will the quality of work by the unreliable materials but also by the workers fear of an accident.

Avoid accidents in your work place by getting a PAT test done as soon as possible. After the testing is done you can place a label that shows the equipment is approved. You should also consider adding the date the equipment was approved. If the equipment does not pass the PAT test you should mark it to avoid anyone from getting hurt by using the equipment. You can make it easy for your employees by marking the equipment with coloured labels Green for a pass and Red for a fail.

How often should you do PAT testing?

There are some problems you can see by visual testing but that should not be the reason for not taking a PAT test. There is no rule on how often you should do a PAT test should but let it not go over a year. This should, however, be determined by how long the portable appliance has been in use.


Post Author: Alice Walter'