The Key Benefits of Mobile Fundraising for a Nonprofit Organization

Everyone running a nonprofit knows that the key to staying afloat and accomplishing its goals is to fundraise effectively. Without a reliable base of capital, organizations will have trouble finding qualified staff members and donating money to the people they set out to help. While most people are used to setting up mailing lists and calling people at home asking for money, the world of fundraising has changed. Now, the most effective nonprofit organizations have found the benefits of mobile fundraising software and this is necessary to take nonprofit organizations to the next level. Why do nonprofits need to invest in mobile fundraising software?

  1. Mobile Fundraising Can Cut Overhead Costs

While most nonprofit organizations expect that they will raise a significant amount of money by relying on their physical mailing list, soliciting these donations does cost money. Stamps aren’t a negligible expense and even envelopes cost money. Furthermore, this takes time to package the envelopes, fill out addresses, and send them out to their list. This is time that could be spent on other areas of the nonprofit. With mobile fundraising, there isn’t any money spent on envelopes or stamps and donations can be solicited at a faster rate. This is one of the reasons that mobile fundraising has become so effective so quickly.Image result for The Key Benefits of Mobile Fundraising for a Nonprofit Organization

  1. People Get a More Reliable Response Rate

One of the biggest problems with sending out physical letters asking for donations is that the people on the other end often don’t return the envelope with money. Sometimes, it is because filling out a check can be a hassle. With mobile fundraising software, this problem is eliminated. First, people can use this software to reach their list of donors at any time, anywhere because everyone has their mobile device on them at all times. Next, this software can make it so that people can donate with a push of a button. This means that the trouble of having to write and mail a check is eliminated. The response rate on the donation requests improves with mobile software. 

  1. Mobile Software Offers the Ability to Fundraise Peer to Peer

For people that don’t know, this kind of software has all sorts of extra features. One of the awesome features is that people who donate can share information about the nonprofit with their family and friends by sending the information out using their mobile devices. This means that the nonprofit can actually expand its donor registry by relying on the existing registry to spread the word. This is a fantastic marketing opportunity that simply doesn’t exist with physical mail. Clearly, mobile fundraising has a number of interesting applications for nonprofits.


Post Author: Heather Moors'