The Pros and Cons of Managed Security Services

Businesses are increasingly asking themselves whether they should outsource IT security in an age of growing and evolving cyber threats. In-house IT security may find itself overwhelmed, undereducated, and overworked with a growing cybersecurity budget. Defending your network may require certain applications and appliances such as intrusion prevention systems, data loss prevention, deep packet inspection, DDoS protection, lawful intercept, web application firewalls, security and information management, and network analyzers to fend off sophisticated cyber attackers.

Outsourcing your network security might sound like good sense, but a little research into Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) never hurt anyone. Here are some of the pros and cons you might have to keep in mind before making this crucial decision.


Cost Savings

MSSPs charge a reasonable fee as their costs for facilities, security applications/appliances, and their customers share analysts. In-house security solutions require additional operational costs like office space and paying salaries plus benefits. This makes outsourcing highly cost-effective as you only pay for the services offered.

 Security Expertise

It is not easy to hire and pay the right person for a job, it is even harder to hire and pay a team capable of handling your network’s security. An MSSP will have a team of skilled hardware and software personnel who strive to ensure your network’s security. These teams are also ahead of the latest trends in security. Having such a team for a fraction of the cost necessary to hire them in-house is a productive strategy for businesses outside the IT security industry.

Better Customer Support

Emerging security trends and cyber-attacks are not easy to predict. MSSPs, therefore, provide all day and all year support according to a service level agreement (SLA). The SLA provides peace of mind by giving legal backing to your network’s security. 24/7 real-time cybersecurity support and security issue resolution may not be possible with in-house personnel and resources.

More focus on core operations

Having a trusted MSSP handle your IT security provides businesses the time to focus on their core activities and objectives. Businesses can free up funds meant for in-house resources and personnel towards other business areas.

These advantages may seem the only reasons to outsource network security, but the following advantages should also be kept in mind;


Less control

Businesses that are concerned about full control may not be suitable for outsourced network security as outsourcing to MSSPs requires handing over your cybersecurity portfolio including hardware and software.

Trust issues

Confidential and sensitive data may have to be given to MSSPs. This may be difficult for a business that values its sensitive data. Detailed SLAs help alleviate some of these fears with protection against potential data breaches.

Reduced focus

MSSPs deal with multiple businesses at once. This may lead to reduced focus and compromised quality on the needs of individual businesses, although they offer round the clock support.

If you decide that outsourcing your business’ network security is ideal, then it is equally important to select a suitable MSSP who will cater to your unique needs. Go over reviews for various MSSPs, contact the MSSPs you know of and trust, and ensure the SLA and network TAP fits your needs.

Post Author: Heather Moors'