The technology behind onlineVodafone postpaid bill payment

Paying bills online has made the end user’s work so much easier. No more hassles of waiting, queuing up or even tolerating callous attitude of some unprofessional staff. Today with few clicks of the keypad buttons on your computer or mobile, one is able to successfully recharge prepaid connections and make Vodafone postpaid bill payments. The ease of doing work, anytime, anywhere, 24x 7 has made the online payment industry one of the fastest growing industries of modern times.

The backend process

When the payment is being processed against your Vodafone postpaid bill payment in the backend, the entire process happens as mentioned below:-

  1. The process starts when the subscriber enters his credit card or debit card or Netbanking details. Here the payment gateway seeks approval or authorization from the issuing bank on the transaction amount. The bank authorizes the payment, when there are enough funds in the subscriber’s account. However, the bank disapproves the transaction when there is insufficient fund in the user’s account. This process gets completed in few seconds.
  2. However, in the backend the process has not been completed. It is finished only when the merchant – in this case, either Vodafone or a third party retailer Paytm, PhonePe or MobiKwik – is transferred the money. This is where the second phase of the online payment happens.
  3. Once the gateway is able to get authentication of the payment from the subscriber’s bank, at the frontend, the subscriber is sent a confirmation of the Vodafone postpaid bill payment and in case the approval fails, he is informed accordingly on the failure of the process.
  4. Simultaneously the merchant is also notified by the payment gateway about the status of the transaction. The money is debited from the subscriber’s account and sent to the merchant’s account.

This completes the process and takes not more than few seconds in total to get over. While this method of online Vodafone postpaid bill payment has facilitated subscribers, it has also made the online merchants’ process cost-effective and efficient. The truth is that today e-merchants and service providers that are unable to offer their customers online payment options are not even considered by customers when considering buying a product or service. In the long run, the merchant benefits too because with user-friendly features he is able to penetrate deeper into the market. Alongside he gets the benefit of saving electronic data, making financial transactions securer and preventing fraud in payments which helps in streamlining his business and revenues.

With many payment processing providers present in the industry today, most merchants are able to make their process safer and securer for their customers to keep using their services on a regular basis. The need of the hour is to invest in strong and robust infrastructure so that potential loopholes and cracks can be closed. This is essential to ensure that the customer data – their private and financial information – are safeguarded by merchants and their payment processing mechanism.

Choose to pay online only with merchants that have a proven track record of facilitating secure online transactions.


Post Author: Clare Louise'