Things to look over before buying RC Helicopter

A  Radio control helicopter both exciting and challenging at same time. You may have fall for this new hobby of yours where you need to buy a RC helicopter. Now, choosing and buying a correct and suitable RC helicopter according your experience and skill is necessary and there are certain things you should go for before buying. Apart from RC helicopters, there are RC planes with their  RC Vliegtuig onderdelen ( RC  Airplane parts)  RC trucks, drones  other parts which you should know about when you with RC airplane and helicopters business.

Buying guide for RC Helicopter

There are primary points which you have to look for in RC helicopter while buying. The RC helicopter onderdelen (parts) you can get from e commerce websites where you can also buy RC Helicopter.Image result for Things to look over before buying RC Helicopter

  • Power source: There are two kind of power source from which you have to choose: electric or combustion engine .The power source as electric you will get in watt where more watts means more energy where rechargeable batteries are used. As other option you have combustion engine which are gas powered.
  • Pitch: You can opt from two pitches: -fixed pitch where main rotor blades do not change their angle and in collective pitch rotor blades can change their angle where it benefited by with maximum flexible movement without adjusting its blade.
  • Size:  Micro, small, medium and large are the four categories of size where the diameter of rotors differs in each kind. Smaller ones are recommended for newbie or beginners where larger ones are for more fly time.
  • Channel: There are commonly two to six channels where each of the channel represents the particular function of helicopter, throttle, elevator tilts, yaw are the examples of channel dedicated functions. There are different channel levels and their function specifications.

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