Three Types of Online Marketing

If you own a business in this day and age, then you already know the importance of marketing. And if you have any awareness of that they you have probably looked at how expensive this aspect of business can be. But no matter how high the cost, marketing remains the best way to get people to try—and become loyal to—your product or brand.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to market online. All are effective in their own ways; each has merit. And each can be available at different price points to help you get more web marketing for your money.  In addition, remember that you can also make websites and web content mobile friendly as well, which means that more people can access this information while on the go. This is particularly important during a time when more and more people are using mobile web applications than the traditional desktop internet.


This has long been the most effective and most popular form of web marketing. Content marketing involves the regular, consistent delivery of content related to your business or brand to the public.  This can come in the form of written blogs but also video blogs (vlogs), news articles, product reviews, and more.  Often, this type of marketing is done across several website and platforms and utilizes various kinds of media.Image result for Three Types of Online Marketing


This may be the second-most popular type of web marketing today. In fact, many people use social media to help promote their content marketing. The benefit of social media marketing, of course, is that you can market directly to a uniquely constructed community of fans.  Another benefit of social media, though, is that this fan base can share your content with their friends too, and your content can begin to grow exponentially from there.


Memes are a hot topic in the here and now but images have long been a part of human communication; since before their were words.  Printed text and blogs continue to dominate both the real and the virtual space, but pictures make great accompaniments to the written word, often helping to add extra force or stress to a specific phrase or word.  

Post Author: Heather Moors'