Tips On How To Be Popular On Instagram

Not only celebrities can have thousands of people following them on Instagram, but you can also do it, you only need to be constant, interact with some other people who talk about the topics that you like. They say that the practice makes the teacher, try it and you will see how in a short time your numbers start to rise.

Cool Tips to Try Out

Create a Calendar   

The best times to make publications is in the morning before 9:00 am and at lunchtime between 2 and 4 pm and in the evening after 7 pm. It has been proven that these are the hours in which this network has more activity.

Be Yourself         

Don’t try to imitate anyone else in your way of dressing, acting, and writing. What will make people follow you is to see that you are someone with personality and that you show something different from others.

Build a Collage

If you are one of those who loves to take pictures of everything and have a thousand photos of you, then the best option to do something original and build a college, try to put contrast between your photos so that your picture won’t look flat.

Inspire Yourself

Follow people with many ‘followers’ who talk about the topics that you will talk about as bloggers, celebrities and Instastars, see how they do it and it will give you ideas to improve it and do it your way

Vary our Photos

Do not always put pictures of the same subject, for example: if your page is fashionable do not upload photos only of your shoes and outfits, try to vary them, you can include your trips, exits, a landscape or a quote, which will help a lot.

Food, Food and More Food

We know you love eating delicious and there are things you say wow this is for Instagram! But forget about uploading only photos of what you eat or take, that eventually gets your followers tired and bored, try and bring something different to the table.

Minimize Selfies

 Make your photos look spontaneous, do not fill your page with selfies, in the end, it will make your followers know every inch of your face perfectly, do you want that?

Beware of Hashtags

A perfect key that will help you reach people and countries unimaginable is the good use of the hashtag, but do not fill your text by just # # #, nobody will know what you intend to say.

Filters Cool or Not?

The filters came to facilitate our life when taking a picture, it allows us to improve many times our shots, but there is a very thin line to improve it to ruin it, be very careful and avoid frequent use of this tool.

 But in the end, it’s just Instagram. In the end, this is something to have fun so do not take to heart what happens in this or other social networks, have fun, explore, increase your comments and likes using buy automatic instagram likes, try and dare. You never know if you will be the next Instastar of the moment.


Post Author: Wyatt Canton'