Tips to Buy a New Television Set

If you are planning to buy a new TV, it is worthwhile to spend a little time researching. This will help you to get all the facts right. Additionally, it makes things easier and you will be certain when buying a set you will be happy with for years to come. Below are some tips that will help you in buying a new television set.

Bigger is Really Not Better

The best size for a living room TV is at least 55 inches. Moreover, the bedroom TV should be at least 40 inches. This is a clear indication that bigger sizes are not better. Why so? Big television sets may not fit the existing furniture. What makes it even more frustrating is the mismatch between the size of your room and a big screen TV. It may look awkward even when hung on the wall. How catchy would be a 146 Samsung TV screen inside a ten square bedroom? I seriously believe it would be obnoxious!

Wait Until the Holiday for the Best Prices

If possible, wait until the festive season. There are so many discounted offers on television sets. Furthermore, manufacturers release most of their new brands into the market during festive periods. Black Friday sales may also fascinate you with great TV deals. During such seasons, high-end sets may have 20 to 40 percent compared to normal prices. For such a discount, its best to wait, unless you cannot wait to use your money to the last coin.

Ignore Most of the Specifications

Some specifications are just meant to bombard you with confusing terms and numbers in an attempt to propel you to buy the most expensive version. In fact, some specifications may just confuse you rather than enlighten you. The only worthwhile numbers are found under inputs and dimensions.  Moreover, TV salesmen are not willing to explain what some specifications mean. In short, just check on the crucial specifications like the screen size, power ratings, and compatibility to external audio devices.

Check the Sound Quality

At any retail shop, it should be possible to put on the TV set on sale. This is the best time to check the quality of sound. With TVs, it is too easy to check both the sound and picture quality before making a purchase. Most notably, thinner flat-screen TVs have weaker speakers. This can be attributed to the fact that bigger and quality speakers cannot fit inside the thin frame.

Buy What Your Finances Can Allow

Do not stress yourself with raising the money to buy what you cannot afford. Make it easy! Just select the TV set that will not leave you broke. At CompareRaja, there is a wide variety of TV set that is affordable. Make an effort to go through the selection of retailed sets and make your choice.


Even if purchasing a TV set majorly relies on a personal choice made by the buyer, it is always prudent to look into some buying tips. The above tips are going to help you select and obtain the best there is on the market.


Post Author: Clare Louise'