Tips to find a good Music Production laptop

Music is a food for soul. Music soothes our ears and also acts as a source of rejuvenation. Music brings life to lifeless. But ever wondered how much hard work is required to produce this music. Really hats off to the music producers for their work.  So in order to reduce the difficult in music production, read this post till the end and make a checklist of all the desired features that are required in the music production laptop.

Before buying the laptop consider the tips given below:

  • First of all browse something like Best Laptops for Music Production and Recording (11 Expert Picked) and look at the best option they have provided and what they have to say about it. If you still do not find the desired one then begin with the process.
  • Decide the platform on which you want work that is Mac, Windows or Chrome.
  • For music production you should look for a laptop that has the latest processor that either Intel core i7 or i5 or AMD (preferably core i7). But if you are low on budget that laptop with Intel core i5 is a decent choice.
  • Coming up to the RAM, then choose a laptop that has minimum of 16GB RAM and not less than that. As higher the RAM better and faster is the processing.
  • Look for good storage capacity 1TB hard disk drive is more than sufficient. If you want solid state drive then 256GB is a decent amount. My personal recommendation is solid state drive.
  • Now is the graphics card. Graphics would help you to run the high end music recording software with quite ease. Choose the one with powerful and latest graphics. NVIDIA GeForce graphics are really cool.
  • The laptop should have good speakers and audio quality.
  • Then is the battery life. A good battery life is a crucial factor while choosing music production laptop. A laptop that has 7-8 hours of average battery life is a good choice.
  • Check for the number and types of ports the laptop has. It should have at least one USB 3.0 port, 2.0 ports and HDMI port.
  • Last but not the least is the screen of the laptop. It is better to go with a laptop that has 15.6 inches screen or more. Full HD screen and LED backlight with good resolution.


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