Top 10 Internet Marketing Companies in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is home to Hollywood and great Spanish food, as well as an economic legacy as one of the biggest and most important urban centers in the world.

However, it’s also the seat and headquarters for countless businesses and aspiring enterprises, from industries such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which continues to grow in massive importance as per Entrepreneur and internet marketing. Among the dozens of excellent choices in local SEO, however, these are the top ten picks for a Los Angeles internet marketing company, in no order:

  1. Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is an LA-based business with a second office in Seattle, and a small team of under 50 people. Founded in 2009, Coalition Technologies has grown to one of the most successful small firms in LA and the world. They focus on design and SEM.

  1. Sachs Marketing Group

Started in 2010, Sachs Marketing Group is a small firm based in Westlake Village, and one of’s best entrepreneurial companies in America. They focus on SEO and content.

  1. RankLab

Open to business since 2007, RankLab takes on mid-level businesses and specializes in data-driven research to provide accurate predictions of campaign success.

  1. Noxster

Recognized by Upcity, Noxster is one of LA’s best and focuses on local SEO.

  1. SEOTuners

SEOTuners specialize in SEO and offer a unique SEO Score function to quickly evaluate a client’s standing and potential ROI from long-term marketing investment, one of the most important aspects of running a successful SEO campaign as per Kissmetric.

  1. BlueSEO

With assorted services in search, BlueSEO – also known as Firespoke – has focused on digital media of all sorts, mostly incorporating UX and social networking.

  1. Avital Web

Another local SEO choice for those looking for alternatives, Avital Web numbers among one of the best SEO firms in the city. They offer free consultation and analysis.

  1. Make It Rain

Another choice in digital marketing, Make It Rain is known for taking on more high-profile clients, including popular bands and corporate accounts.

  1. Meteorsite

One of the oldest in the list, founded in 2002, Meteorsite boasts SEO services from e-commerce to local, and a few other features.

Los Angeles is a big city, with nearly 4 million residents as per Suburban Stats – finding a quality service provider among the many businesses working out of LA isn’t a tough task. But choosing among them to find the best – especially in an industry as saturated as internet marketing and SEO, and a niche as heavily competitive as local SEO – that’s an entirely different story. This list was compiled based on popularity, ratings, and testimonials. These agencies are all competent and heavily experienced. Choosing one is a matter of understanding the benefits and drawbacks to each company, and making the right decision for your business – digital marketing is a massive field, and each one of these companies have a specialization and field of expertise.

Post Author: James Marshall'