Top UX myths busted

UX stands for User Experience. It plays a vital part in the design process of building an app, website or any other piece of technology. The success of UX depends upon the engagement of user desire along with the expectation of the company investors.

1) UX and UI are the same things

The most annoying and common myth is that UX and UI are the same which is not true. UX stands for User Experience whereas UI stands for User Interface. 

UI is about the art of creating a website. It includes color codes, button, forms, text fonts, and a visual hierarchy which is the visual product process in creating        a website.

UX is about the science of creating a website. It is about end-user interaction with the company. It is the process of defining user problems and solving them before they realize it. 

2) UX success happens overnight

UX success does not happen overnight. It means just by uploading your UX to your website doesn’t mean that it will be increasing your chances of success. The success of UX requires constant iteration and evaluation throughout a long period of time. 

3) Users don’t scroll

Designers believe that people don’t scroll and therefore less content is always better. This may result in a decrease in visits to your website. They think dividing long webpages into multiple webpages is better.  

Any website having a well-structured page with ideal content will encourage the user to scroll. 

In addition, your page format should invite scrolling and you should provide a small summary of your content at the bottom of the page. This will get the user curious to see the end of the webpage. 

4) Three Click Rule

The three-click rule states that any user coming to your website should be able to find relevant information in less than three clicks. Companies believe that this will decreases their level of satisfaction. 

However, the fact sometimes more clicks help the user get closer to their goal. 

Keep in mind the simple fact, content is the key. Your content should add value and it should tempt towards the information scent. It should consist of textual as well as graphical cues. 

5) Users’ likability = Designers’ likability

Some designers think that the user will like what they provide, which is not true. The company should get a designer who will develop the current website from the UX point of view. 

You can also test your website by having different categories of the focus group which is not expensive. 

6) The homepage is the Most Important Page

People think that your homepage is what is ultimately going to generate leads which were true a while back but not anymore. Google’s new algorithm allows the user to land on any page by getting matched with the help of keywords.  

Your website’s first impression is not decided by your homepage. It is decided by some random pages according to the keywords. 


Just like these, there are many more everyday misunderstandings which may lower your ranking. Having the best Website Designing and Development Company will help you in giving the right kind of edge. It will also help you in succeeding in this cut-throat digital era. One such company is iMobicraft which is the best Website Designing and Development Company.

Post Author: Heather Moors'