Top WordPress plugins every marketer should have on their website

The best thing of using WordPress is the plugins that can make lives easy for anyone, including marketers.

As there are numerous plugins for WordPress, which makes it quite difficult for marketers to opt the right and best ones.

In this article, we have featured the best plugins which marketers can use it on their WordPress website, which ultimately will help in improving user friendliness on their website and marketing efforts.

Just Writing: Distraction free writing is one of the features a marketer can embrace. What if there is a need of more to this functionality? Functionalities like spell checking while writing, breaking a paragraph without visiting the normal mode. This plugin provides standard mode features into distraction free mode .

It will allow you to perform the basic formatting features like paragraph styling, spell check, strike through, insert more tag and a lot more.

Open Social Share:  Share buttons are very important for any blog as well as website. 82% of the customers prefer a content based on the recommendation of others on social media.

This means that sharing on social media is very important.

Social sharing on a website empowers visitors to share a website content on their social media platforms directly from a website. This way users need not copy the URL or download media in order to share it.

A WordPress social share plugin enables sharing buttons on blog posts, media files and pages.

SEO Plugin: SEO indeed is a crucial part of a website. It makes a website search engine friendly by detecting and fixing SEO factors.

WordPress being a CMS offers a lot of customizations but to implement SEO requires a plugin to implement.

In SEO there are two factors which are to be ensured, On-page and Offpage. SEO plugin detects most of the on page factors and list suggestions to fix them. Additionally, there are modules for off-page too.

Revive Old Post: Marketers publish every type of posts, from seasonal posts to evergreen posts.

Evergreen posts have a specialty that they can be reshared again and again without losing their texture.

It is an awesome plugin to get it done. With this plugin, one can share older blog posts, schedule them on specific duration, filter out categories, share images in tweets, posting to Tumblr, LinkedIn support etc.

These are some of the WordPress plugins for marketers which they should have on their website in order to improve their marketing efforts and WordPress usability.

Post Author: Katherine Warren'