Unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone

Have you ever considered unlocking your SASMUNG GALAXY Modem? If so, I can only assume that you came across many obstacles and limitations as unlocking the SASMUNG GALAXY modem cell phone was never as simple and easy as unlocking the modems from other manufacturers. The SASMUNG GALAXY Company issues different models of Samsung Galaxy S7 at a frequent rate and all of this is made possible with close collaboration with the mobile phone carriers. That is why your Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone can only function if it uses the services of one network provider. This is what makes your Samsung Galaxy S7 locked.

There have been many attempts to break through the lock software that the carriers put on our Samsung Galaxy S7 but only two methods have proved to be trustworthy. One of these compatible unlocking methods is the SASMUNG GALAXY Unlocker- cracked version aka SASMUNG GALAXYcrap.exe. And the other one is SASMUNG GALAXY unlocking software application tool.

Today we will put the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Cell phone software application tool  into perspective and will let you know how to achieve what many considered impossible.

  • First of all you must download the software and install it on your computer.

*The installation process means that the complete software would be installed along with the drivers.

  • Next, you should connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 to your computer and be patient for the software to detect your modem.
  • Turn off your internet connection and turn it on again.
  • Insert a different SIM to be able to enter the unlock code what the time for that comes.
  • Double click on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Cell phone unlock software application tool to open and activate it.
  • The software application tool will ask you to enter an unlock code. You will already have the unlock code which you managed to generate beforehand using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Cell phone unlock software application tool and your modem’s unique IMEI number.
  • Insert the unlock code in the field provided for it and click the unlocking option. Sometimes two unlocking codes may be sent to you and if the one doesn’t work you should try the other.
  • You will be now able to use the SIM card from any other carrier in your country because you managed to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 Data.

After you receive the message that confirms your success don’t forget to set up a new profile matching your new SIM card that you should be using.

For Windows users the instructions are the following:

  1. Run the previously downloaded and installed Samsung Galaxy S7 Data unlocking tool.
  2. Connect the modem to the computer, but this time the cell phone inserted into the modem must be of a different carrier (same as in the instructions above).
  3. Wait for a while for the unlocking software application tool to recognize your modem device and then insert the unlock code u previously generated.
  4. Click ok and the SASMUNG GALAXY modem is officially unlocked.

The unlocking codes for the SASMUNG GALAXY modems can be from 8 to 16 digits and entering them is not always a piece of cake so you should be doing that with extra attention. If you enter the wrong code for a few times, five to be more exact, the SASMUNG GALAXY modem will never have the chance to be unlocked again.


Post Author: Michael Crafts