VMware Invests $30 Million Into Puppet Labs To Achieve Next Generation Cloud Automation

Puppet is an open source data center automation and configuration management framework that enables system administrators a solution to work for flexible and transparent systems management.

Currently, Puppet Labs is leading in the industry of IT automation and is playing a major role in the DevOps movement – speeding up the process of business agility and service delivery. This software automates time-intensive IT tasks, including provisioning, discovery, configuration management, patch management and infrastructure auditing and compliance. Due to this reason, it has become the ultimate technology for many enterprises worldwide with serious infrastructure automation needs. In the meanwhile, VMware, known for its data center virtualization solutions, is aiming to gain traction towards the DevOps table by investing an amount of $30 million into Puppet Labs. This partnership was followed by a commercial agreement to jointly deliver, market, and sell great products built for mutual customers. This new partnership will definitely presume to gain momentum in the software-defined data center, and ensure an extensive automation and orchestration solution for VMware-based private and public clouds, physical infrastructures, OpenStack and AWS.

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Puppet Labs, a cloud automation tools open-source vendor.

VMware is an expert in data center virtualization services, hence the collaboration of VMware and Puppet Labs means a lot to the industry. VMware may also have political reasons for cozying up to Puppet Labs. As part of the deal, VMware and Puppet will team up to produce a new IT management solution for VMware customers to use that leverages the automation functionality of Puppet products. This isn’t the first time VMware has jumped into bed with Puppet, in fact, a good proportion of Puppet’s total $46M funding comes from VMware. This deal is an indication that Puppet is set to lessen its heterogeneous focus and instead focus 100% on increasing the market share for its parent company’s core products. Other investors of the company include Cisco, True Ventures, Google Ventures, and Radar Partners.

For Puppet Labs this is a great deal – as they get significant exposure through VMware’s existing customer base and should be able to convert the attention to revenue relatively quickly – after all the Puppet proposition is both simple and logical, automating provisioning and change management of infrastructure is a great way to reduce costs for IT departments. So it’s certainly a short term win for Puppet, but also for VMware that gets to leverage the credibility that Puppet has within the cloud cognoscenti.

As a part of this strategic partnership, VMware and Puppet Labs will also make a move into several other product integrations, like VMware vCloud Automation Center, VMware vCenter Configuration Manager, and Operations Manager. Go through VMWare training to understand the basics of VMWare Cloud Suite.


The ultimate mission revolving around this relationship is to aid enterprises better govern and automate infrastructure needs. Virtualization and cloud technologies, from VMware, provide the new opportunities, and automation software from Puppet realizes them completely.


Post Author: James Marshall