Want to Buy a Used Car? Follow These Guidelines

The feeling to own a car is always awesome. But, it can be a little burdensome on the pocket if you plan to buy a new car. A car is a daily need in one’s life and it does not matter if it is used car or a new car. It’s always better to choose a car that has a service history. A car, which is maintained single-handed, is always the first choice. Mumbai is always the first choice in India when it comes to used car industry. The options are endless when it comes to used cars in Mumbai for sale.

The used car industry is growing huge in size and also generating revenue more than the two wheeler market in India. The used car market is also giving employment to lakhs of people, thus helping the automobile sector to stabilize. If you are in this market for a used car, here are some guidelines that can help you.Image result for Want to Buy a Used Car? Follow These Guidelines

  • Some dealers offer certified used cars. It is better to check all possible ways out before taking any decision about from whom to buy a used car. Online websites provide us very healthy information regarding the brand and prices one should quote.
  • Some cars didn’t perform well when they were launched and weren’t popular, but in the second-hand market they have a special value because youths modify and customize them into dream machines. Never go for old vintage cars as it is difficult to find spares and the maintenance cost is also high.
  • Always take along a friend and a mechanic with you because second opinion matters a lot while choosing a used car. Read through all the documents carefully before taking the steps for payments. If required, visit the nearest RTO office for further clarifications. It is better to buy used car, which is less than 8 years with around 100,000 kilometers on the speedometer.
  • Examine the car during the day time. Open the bonnet and check all the required parts that are supposed to be checked before buying it.
  • Check all related original documents along with the service book to see how it has been maintained. Documents to be checked are RTO tax receipt, Registration Certificate, and Insurance. Last but not the least, check if there is any loan outstanding on the car!

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Post Author: Katherine Warren