West Jet Cuts Back on London Flights

Only the best online reputation management companies can help an airline like WestJet out when they are having any passenger issues. WestJet airline has chosen to cut back on London flights to curb delays and cancellations. This is a problem that occurred last Summer at London’s Gatwick airport where there were several delays and cancellations. The reason why they are having so many issues is due to their aging fleet of Boeing 767s that are about 25 years old and the company explains that they take more time for repairs. The airline has been experiencing plenty f problems since they started to offer direct flights from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto to the Gatwick airport last summer. WestJet will cut the number of flights from Winnipeg and Edmonton while they wait for new planes to arrive in late 2019.

WestJet airline claims that they have already improved from 38 per cent a year ago to 65 per cent so far this spring and they are working to do even better with their on-time performance. Customers are still continuing to share frustrating travel stories across many different airlines. Three flights in and out of London in mid-may were cancelled due to mechanical issues after Demelza Steel’s father drove an hour form Canmore to the airport in Calgary to learn his flight was cancelled. He returned to Canmore and found out the next day his flight was cancelled because of the same mechanical issue. Then, once he had arrived in the U.K. he had to book and pay for another connecting flight home since he had missed his original connecting flight two days earlier. It was an extremely frustrating experience for the man and they claim that you cant fly a flight with 300 people on it two days in a row, you cant even provide a service, its very frustrating.

We all know that airlines haven’t been doing that great with their customer service already, now WestJet is having problems with flight cancellations due to their aging Boeing 767s aircraft.


Post Author: Alice Walter