What are Energy Monitoring Systems for?

By consciously monitoring how electric power is consumed, you will reduce its usage by at least 5%, research shows. That’s why it’s important to have an Energy Monitoring System. It will help you understand where major loads are, when power is used most, and the quality of electric power used in your business premise. You can then respond to the usage. This will improve the productivity and life of the equipment used and reduce electric bills, allowing you to make more profit. Here are the different types of Energy Monitoring Products that you could use.

Systems That Use Existing Powerlines

Business owners could purchase a monitoring system that uses a building’s existing powerlines to monitor power usage. Measuring devices used in these systems clamp conductors inside the breaker panel and then send information over the powerline. You do not need to do extra wiring. Such systems can handle up to 30 individual circuits and rooms, too.

This will allow you to keep track of equipment that use a lot of energy and unplug them to save on costs. You will be able to keep tabs on power usage using internet-enabled devices such as Smartphones. Alternatively, you can ask the company to send you customised alerts via email or text. Other helpful features are options to switch the loads on /off and use LEDs that alert employees of set parameters.

Wireless Systems

Energy Monitoring Systems use Bluetooth and other sensors to deliver data on the business’s temperature, humidity, air quality, water usage, and more information. You can view all this information on different apps. This system is easy to install and use since you will be using an App to do it. It’s possible to switch the devices on/off by tapping your phone.

Business owners can easily install the Energy Monitoring System inside a breaker box. Some systems come with a manual that provides instructions. Simply open the breaker box and clamp the device around the wires. There is no need to make disconnections or to join wires to the breakers. If you are not comfortable doing this, you could hire an electrician to fix it for you.

Systems That Monitor Consumption from the Source

Some systems monitor usage of power at the source. Business owners attach a sensor outside their meter and it tracks real-time usage. It then sends information to devices such as a monitor or Wi-Fi bridge which will send the data to your Smartphone.

Energy Monitoring Systems Plugged to the Outlet

You could plug a device into a power outlet to measure the energy consumption of what has been plugged on that outlet. To keep track of several devices, add gateways. You can then scatter the meters throughout your business and monitor the entire business. The smart meters come with a mounting tab that can be attached to a socket, without the need for additional wiring. Once connected to the socket wall, you can keep track of load consumption, on/off status, and operating range.


Using an Energy Monitoring System will make it very easy to track and ultimately reduce power consumption. While most business premises have electric meters, these only show the total amount of energy that has been consumed. Since the meters are not located within reach, it is very difficult for a business owner to read it. That’s why you need to select from several devices that keep track of real-time usage and record consumption of power. You can then access the information from the comfort of a counter display, desktop computer, or a Smartphone. Simply choose what works for you, and teach your employees how to use it to reduce the hefty electrical bills that many business owners have to settle every month.

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