What are the most common VPN myths and misconceptions?

KThe internet today is advanced, fast, and still progressing with each waking minute. As many advancements as there are, there are equally as many cybercrimes that prevail. Because of that, most internet users turn to the help of VPN software to help protect them cyber-attacks. However, because most users are utilizing VPN services, they blindly go for just about any provider based on a few myths that they might have perceived over time.

In this guide, I’ll tell you about the most common VPN myths and how to tell them apart from the real thing so that you take full advantage of your VPN provider.

But first, what is a VPN myth?

What is a VPN myth?

There are many VPN providers that feed on innocents and VPN beginners, doing anything and everything within their power to sell the product. Most of them structure their websites in such a way that they’re flooded with common misconceptions like “blazing fast speeds” or “full and 100% anonymity.”

You should know that that’s a complete myth! A VPN can’t drastically nor magically increase the speeds. So, if you read ahead, I’ll be debunking the most common VPN myths, ultimately teaching you a little more about the security software.

The most common VPN myths

Following are only a few of the most common VPN myths that’ll show you how to choose a good VPN in the future. They are:

Expensive VPN services are the best

Here’s the thing, the price of a VPN has nothing to do with its performance only because almost 70% of time an expensive VPN has rumored to provide the worst service. You can’t put a price over performance. At the same time, certain expensive VPNs deliver great results. This is only to show you that you shouldn’t just go for a provider only because it’s expensive. There are many top providers that offer the best cheap VPN services. You just need to do a little more research to land a great provider.

They drastically make speeds faster

Wrong! A VPN isn’t supposed to increase the speeds, but make them consistent. It highly depends on how fast your local connection speeds are. There’s a fact that your ISP will always throttle your speeds and bandwidth. A VPN will allow you to bypass ISP throttling making improvements to the overall performance.

A VPN will keep you 100% safe online

Again, that’s the worst myth anyone could possibly believe in. There exists no security tool that’ll keep you a 100% anonymous online. A VPN is a great software that aids in keeping your connection and activities private but not to that extent; allowing you to go through life completely undetected.

Free VPN services are better than paid

Sure they’re free, but other than that what else is there? A free VPN never works as good as a premium one. They come with many flaws and vulnerabilities like poor encryption, a logging policy, barely any network coverage and poor speeds. Never go for a free provider for intense online activities. There are many premium providers coming the best VPN deals, so why not go for those instead?


Always remember to do a little research before getting the wrong idea about a VPN service, what it offers and how it performs. There are many VPN myths out there that are often misleading.

Post Author: Clare Louise