What Can A Search Engine Marketing Firm In Boston Do For You?

The first thing to understand regarding any search engine marketing firm in Boston is that they are there to assist you in building your website.  Their success is tied to yours!

The purpose of search engine marketing is to improve the number of visitors to your website and even to your physical premises; if you have any.  The increased number of visitors should result in additional sales and justify the cost of your search engine marketing firm in Boston.

In fact, this is one way to assess the success of their marketing tactics; increased traffic does not necessarily equate to increased sales.   If you are not seeing the expected increase in sales you will need to evaluate whether you are providing the right opportunity to convert these leads or whether the additional traffic is not really interested in your site.

Services Offered by Search Engine Marketing Firm

There are two options when generating extra traffic for your site and the search engine marketing firm in Boston should be able to assist you with both.

  1. Unpaid

The first way to increase your sales is by increasing the amount of content writing you do.  These are articles which advertise your services but not necessarily in a direct way.  They will mention the product or service you are selling; they are likely to link to your site or even to other sites selling connected products.  What they do not do is appear as direct marketing opportunities.

The purpose of this approach is to generate interest in your product.  Anyone looking at the article can follow it through and find out more about you and what you offer.

You will need to pay your SEO firm but this will include them  paying their writers to generate content for you.  There is no additional cost to your firm.

  1. Paid

It is also possible to direct people to your site through paid adverts.  These are generally based on key words.  When someone searches on a specific keyword which you have a paid advert linked to, the search engine will post your advert at the top as a link; above the normal search results or to the side of them.  This will ensure your site appears on the first page and increases the chances of traffic arriving at your site.

The search engine will make a small charge for every click on your advert.  However, you must monitor this and cap your monthly spend as it can quickly add up!

A good search engine marketing firm in Boston will be able to deal with all aspects of these marketing and report back to your regularly to assess the value of their campaigns.  They should be able to adjust any campaign virtually instantly to provide the maximum possible results and justify the money you are spending.

It is essential to monitor the results; paid adverts can easily use the wrong words and send large quantities of traffic to your site which has no interest in what you are offering.

Any search engine marketing performed by a firm separate to your own business should be seen as a joint venture.  It must be reviewed and adjusted regularly to maximize the results.

Post Author: Katherine Warren