What Configurations You Should Look for Gaming Laptops?

A variety of features determines the smooth gaming experience, and choosing the gaming laptop based on these vital features is mandatory. Here are a few important points to consider when you are on the hunt of purchasing gaming laptops.

Powerful Processor

The processor of the gaming laptop is directly connected to the performance. The laptop works perfectly with a good processor, and with a lesser efficient processor, the system would lag. The best processors in the market are i7 Intel processors. If you are going for cheaper version, then check how robust the processor is.Image result for What Configurations You Should Look for Gaming Laptops?

Great Graphics Card

Enjoying the best range of graphics settings is guaranteed with the powerful graphics card. You would admire the best of graphics if the graphics card is powerful, which is often only available with the expensive gaming laptops in the market. With less expensive models, you will have to compromise on the visual quality of the graphics settings of the game.

The frames per second, FPS, are lesser in a less powerful graphics card, which means the fluidic experience is not so good. Even with the great processor, the users will find it is not easy to compensate for the lack of a good graphic card.

Storage Space

If you are looking for the laptop that would let you enjoy a wide array of games, then you should choose the gaming laptops that have plenty of storage space.  Options ranging from 500MB to 1 TB are available. Of course, the cost matters when you go for higher storage space.


When you are a gaming enthusiast, it is no wonder that you would be gaming on the move. The encumbrance of the heavy laptop would not let you enjoy the gaming experience, and in fact, you would not be carrying it to most of the places. It is your preference to choose the weight of the laptop, as the experience of gaming is not much affected by this factor.


Another factor that has the least to do with the gaming experience is the looks. Still, an eye candy look will add to the pros of the gaming laptop. However, with expensive ones, the best looks are got. Still, you can get the better-looking laptop to fit into your budget.


Yes, a few of the gaming laptops do have this feature. A backlit keyboard would let you enjoy the sense of gaming to the core. But getting hold of the right sized and positioned one is mandatory unless you rely on the mouse. In fact, you would love this feature that you would not think about leaving this aspect.


Of course, you would not like to mess with this feature. Many would believe that laptop speakers are of not much use. Once you get the perfect gaming sounds, you would find the gaming experience quite indulging and complete.

Best Gaming Laptops

To help you out in selecting here are few laptops suggestions-

Asus RoG G752VM

Perfect performing laptop that would let you game with ease is Asus RoG G752VM. Compared with the giants of the industry, this comes for a lower price. This is an excellent choice for the 1080p gaming experience. With a textured glass and good sound quality, this is a nice choice for a budget-friendly gaming laptop with decent performance.

Alienware 17

Excellent performance guaranteed, but it comes with a huge price. However, compelling features like the 16GB RAM and SSD upgrades, this is a good buy for the price.

Dell Inspiron 157559

Powerful graphics will offer a fabulous experience, and it has an amazing battery life. But, you will have to bear the weight. Also, you should not mind the reflective screen and trackpad that offers less usability. Apart from this couple of quirks, this is a fantastic choice.

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Post Author: Katherine Warren