What is a VPN and Why You Should Think Twice before Using a Free VPN 

It is a mandatory rule that you get what you pay. And it also applies to online services. Now, most of you must be thinking about Free VPN. It is because not everyone can pay for a VPN service as the fees are high. But in the case of free VPN, the service providers of VPN provide anonymous surfing. And it is also done at a bargain. It is also true that it is hard to find a perfect online free VPN service. In paid VPN the server network needs continuous maintenance this is one of the reasons why they take fees. And in paid VPN services the encryption is pretty strong and up to the mark. 

Safety at Risk with Free VPN 

And a free VPN would mean that the service provider has to make up for these costs and also compromise on the safety standards and quality of VPN services. A free VPN would mean that a company is into some other kind of business rather than securing your safe and anonymous browsing. It may even use the bait of a free VPN to catch your online details. Also, there are chances that they sell it off to third parties mostly giving you the reverse of what you bargained for. Now, many of you will have this question as to what is VPN

What is a VPN? 

VPN stands for the virtual private network and through this, you can set up a secure connection between your computer, laptop, or any other gadget and a web server. Also, it is possible to change your IP address and transfer the data easily through a good VPN service. A VPN creates a tunnel kind of like a channel between the web server and your computer. It is highly encrypted which means that your information regarding your identity is completely hidden. There is no chance for any person to hack or infringe or manage your data. 


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