What Is the Future of Digital Forensics Likely to Be?

Digital forensics, as we know, is a process used in several situations. This includes discovering damages to recovering the intentional or accidental deletion of data, as well as ensuring that the electronic evidence is collected and handled in a way that maintains its evidentiary status, thereby discovering and documenting the activities of a user who has either stolen or tampered with the intellectual property of the company, which organizations like Elijaht do.

In today’s world, digital forensic experts handle huge volumes of data, analyzing and drawing conclusions and helping law enforcement agencies in investigating cybercrimes and nabbing culprits. To decipher the future of digital forensics, we need to focus on a few things like forensic tools, hardware, and the time period we are talking about.

More Data to Sift Through

If we talk about the next 5-6 years, we will find that the speed of computer processors and their storage media and memory will only go up. The storage of 5TB or maybe more will become a norm and flash drives will have the potential to carry some 250GB of data on them. The speed will easily be 7 to 8 of what we see today. This means that digital forensics will have to sort and analyze lots and lots more data than what they do today.

Better Forensic Tools

Given the way things are evolving, it is no-brainer that the capabilities and the nature of forensic tools will be much more advanced than what they are now. They will not only be faster but also more sophisticated. This means that though there will be more data to sift through, and tools will be equally evolved and hence the time taken and effort required would not really increase. It might actually come down a bit with all the automation that is happening, as the automated tools will collect and do the basic processing of data on their own. The next few years will also witness a lot of open source forensic tools available for free for the basic operations.

The Fight between Good and Bad Will Continue

One thing that is not going to change anytime in future is the race of supremacy between the cyber-marauders and the defenders. The bad guys will keep looking for vulnerabilities and exploiting them, while the good guys will keep fixing things and find ways to make them fool-proof.

While we can predict the future in the next few years, it’s hard to say anything about the distant future given the pace at which technology is progressing.

Post Author: Carol Gilmore