What is the Use of E-CRM and CRM Systems in Companies?

Having a good relationship with customers must be one of the priorities of all organizations, so figures such as CRM have been constructed. The acronym means Customer Relationship Manager (Administration of the Relationship with Clients). It is a tool just like aviation management software that bolsters up the management and improves the internal processes of companies based on the information that is available to customers.


Although we currently have tools such as social networks, which provide opportunities to reach potential customers, these platforms still cannot help us to track the interactions of companies with each potential customer.

Thanks to CRM, companies can have at their disposal a valuable source of ideas to develop new products and increase their sales. But this is not the only benefit offered by this type of platform, because using the software it is possible to organize all the information of the clients in sequence to offer solutions and more focused products making use of segmentation.

In addition, with this solution, it is also possible to create special promotions focused on each type of client, control the management of current and prospects, making a more personalized communication. Of course, for the above to work, it is necessary to define what you want to have knowledge about the client, segment the market, organize the information, always offer a positive experience to the client

E-CRM: a Better Correlation with Customers

Of course, some tools complement the CRM. We are talking about e-CRM, a solution with which a company can interact with the customer in a multimedia way. In short, the e-CRM integrates all channels, is much faster and has greater reach than the classic CRM.

In sequence to implement this solution in a company, it is necessary to focus totally on the client and their needs. In addition, all communication medium that is aimed at the client must be integrated. That is, both call centres and internet channels should not work in parallel, but in a complementary way.

Benefits of Implementing a CRM or e-CRM Strategy

Of course, the two solutions bring great benefits to organizations. It is important to bear in mind that the advantages offered by e-CRM are especially linked to a qualified relationship with the client and to obtain long-term loyalty, so it goes a step beyond the CRM. Among all the benefits they bring to organizations, we highlight five main ones:

  • Get new customers.
  • Retain current customers.
  • Improve the relationship with current customers.
  • Achieve to sell more to current customers.
  • Loyalty to current clients as well as new clients.

Post Author: Heather Moors