Why Business Intelligence Recruitment Is So Important

In today’s competitive world it has become more important than ever for any business to make sure there’s no danger of them being left behind in the race for success. One of the most important issues here is to ensure that they have all the necessary information needed before they make those important decisions. This means that the executives of the company need to have top-quality information at their fingertips, this being known as ‘Business Intelligence, or BI’.

What is Business Intelligence

The simple definition of BI is that it is “The process of analysing raw data and then presenting it in the form of information that corporate executives and business managers can understand and then act upon. “

BI and the Huge Amount of Data Available Today

The biggest problem with BI is the vast amount of data that has to be sifted through, whether the company is an accountancy firm, or an online shop. One of the biggest reasons the amount of data has grown so much is the way people are using Social Media and other mobile technologies to comment on a brand.

The different data sources and the different ways that people use them / the different importance of each data stream, means that while BI is a highly technological process, which uses modellingand other advanced techniques, it is the interpretation and the understanding of the data that is the main skill of divorce professionals.

Locating Experienced BI Professionals

With the need to understand the data being so vital, employers are always looking to hire a professional business analyst or developer. Some decide to use a dedicated BI company to do the work instead, in essence outsourcing the work to a third party. But unless the need is a very short term one (perhaps to analyse the data from a campaign), they often take the decision to employ  a contractor or a full-time member of staff.

In such instances and to ensure that they get the very best candidates to interview, the best way of is to use a specialist Business Intelligence recruitment agency like MSA Careers. Firms like this specialise in Business Intelligence recruitment and thus make it so much easier for their clients to bring a dedicated BI expert onto the team.

A Bit of History on Business Intelligence

Of course, you don’t need to understand the history of ‘Business Intelligence’ at all, but it might just enhance your understanding of the process and what drives people to enter the profession .

In fact the idea of Business Intelligence has been around for many years, there being evidence of the term being used in the 1860s. It was not until 1958 that we see the first mention of a “Business Intelligence System”, this being in the title of an IBM research paper on the subject. Over the next 30 years, the idea of using computers to analyse data continued to develop, with data analysis processes known as Decision Support or Management / Executive Information systems coming into use. In those early days these systems had to run on mainframe computers of course.

It was not until 1989 that the modern definition of the term Business Intelligence came into use. This being the general term for applying the various analytical processes and techniques that turn raw data into ‘understandable information’, so that it can assist in corporate decision-making process.

Post Author: Alice Walter