Why Headphones Are a Better Choice than Earphones

Smartphones have brought many changes in the lives of human beings and have simplified various tasks that can be performed now with a lot more ease. But every great thing comes with a flaw and smartphones too have a lot of problems associated with them. Smartphones expose the user to various types of radiations that are harmful to the human body and can be fatal.

The headset is one of the best inventions that helps them to better utilization of the smartphones and avoids various types of problems. But the user has to choose between the two types of headset available to them, that is, headphones and earphones. Multiple users have their preferences and opt for headphones and earphones according to their comfort zone. Here are certain points that highlight why it is better to prefer headphones over earphones—

  1. Noise cancellation

The primary feature of the headset is to cancel the outside third party noise in order to improve the concentration over both end conversation. Headphones provide all-around sound protection to the ear that provides more advantage of noise cancellation than earphones. Thus, one can enhance the sound quality with the help of headphones.

  1. Frequency response curve:

Phones should equally respond to all types of frequencies in order to function correctly. However, this is not the ideal world and smartphones do respond differently at different frequencies. It has much better frequency respond to headphones as compared to earphones and reduce distortion.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is one of the major factors essential to be looked into in order to select a pair of headphones and earphones. For some people earphones are more comfortable than headphones, while for others headphones are more comfortable. However, nicely fitted headphones that cover the whole ear are incredibly comfortable and also keep the ears warm and provide a cushy feeling. Bluetooth headphones also facilitate the comfort of wireless headphones to offer ease of movement.

  1. Health issues

A common study found that earphones can be more health hazardous as compared to headphones as they increase the bacteria in the ear by 700 times in just an hour, which can be dangerous. Headphones provide all-around support to the ear and do not affect the ears much.

This was a simple comparison between headphones and earphones and why it is better to choose headphones over earphones.

Post Author: Wyatt Canton