Why You Need Quality LED Grow Lights


The quality of light in your grow room is the prime consideration toward the quality of the plants at harvest. Although this fact is one of the first things people hear after they decided to grow their own plants, there is so much information about grow lights available it can be confusing as to which styles work best and why, or which might be better depending on the situation with your particular setup. It doesn’t have to be a difficult choice as any set of grow lights will perform the job, but LED grow lights are favored by many growers for a number of reasons.

Initial Setup

The initial setup can be anything from a small closet to grow a few plants for personal use to a huge building as part of a commercial grow application. What is important is that the area be easy to keep clean, private enough not to draw attention, and is sealed against light which can cause problems if it leaks in during a dark period. Grow lights are typically placed about 2-3 feet from the plants during early growth stages and about a foot and half away during blooming.


LED lights provide a better range of warm to cool lighting which can be controlled manually or through computerized schedules. Specific lighting designs vary according to plant breeds, which makes computer controls which can save each setting for future use are usually preferred by more serious growers, although manual controls as part of the regular maintenance routine can be quite pleasant for the hobbyist.


Traditional lighting is often the choice of newcomers to the trade because they are less expensive for a smaller initial setup. However, it’s important to note LED lights use less electricity and produce less heat than HID (high intensity discharge) or fluorescent lamps so you may not need supplementary equipment for extra ventilation and cooling. LED lights are more efficient and might be the better choice for someone who knows they’ll be growing for years to come and doesn’t want to need to upgrade later.


California Lightworks is a great company located in Canoga Park, CA, which makes LED grow lights for the newcomer, experienced enthusiast, or commercial plant grow operations. Our experienced representatives are happy to offer advice as to what lighting design will best meet your needs. Our products are described on our website, and you can call us at (800) 575-3475 if you live in the United States, or from an international address at (747) 444-3380 and one of or representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Post Author: Michael Crafts