Why You Need SEO

If you’re running a business and you’re having problems with your marketing efforts, it could be because you’re not utilising all of your digital marketing options. Business owners who have never worked in marketing might not know how to direct their marketing efforts in a way that actually shows a return on investment. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, it could be because you’re not utilising the benefits of SEO.

SEO is complicated, so if you’re not comfortable with marketing in general, it’s likely that you won’t be able to do SEO well, at least not right away. This means you’ll probably need to find someone who can, and who has plenty of experience with SEO.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it’s actually a lot more common than you might realise. When people generally think of marketing, they think of emails, contact forms, social media, and maybe one or two other common marketing strategies used in today’s digital business climate. Search engine optimisation is marketing for search engines.

How does it work? On a search engine, when you type something into the search bar such as a phrase or series of words, the search engine looks for websites that have the best examples of that phrase or series of words embedded in their website. This is how search engines rank websites on their results pages. The business with the best usage of these phrases is usually the first result. These are usually referred to as organic results. However, there are also paid results, in which a company can pay to have their site advertised whenever someone searches using their predetermined phrase. These phrases, typed in by end users, are referred to as keywords. Keywords are what companies embed in their websites to ensure their name comes up when a related keyword is searched for.


As you can probably guess, businesses who are not using SEO won’t get their websites published in search results. That’s why it is crucial for each business to utilise SEO at least to some extent. So how do you pick the keywords? Basically, you’ll need to figure out some phrases or series of words that represent your company’s name, product, brand, service, or solution, and use them. You want to find a balance between keywords that are not already heavily optimised but are still searched frequently.

Get a Consultant

Unfortunately, while the process is easy to explain, it’s hard to do. You’ll probably need to look for an SEO consultant in Perth who can handle SEO for you. All you need to do is search online and find one who can give you advice on how to set up SEO for your business.

You should look for a consultant who can give you a free consultation to start and a quote up front. SEO is a valuable tool, and it is an industry standard when it comes to digital marketing, so you should be prepared to make the investment. It will be worth your while in the long run, especially as you start to acquire business just from search engine click-throughs.

Post Author: Paul Petersen